The Wedding Nest is not your average wedding gift registry.

Stocking an abundance of beautiful and unique wedding gifts, The Wedding Nest is perfect for couples who want something slightly out-of-the-box, steering clear from the more typical and ‘vanilla’ wedding gifts.

Not only do they stock the registry basics, The Wedding Nest offers a bunch of unique pieces that are simply not available on other bridal registries. These items range from gorgeous homewares to statement furniture pieces – all collated by a seriously swoon-worthy sense of design style.

We spoke to Katie, the Co-Founder of The Wedding Nest to find out more about her amazing gift registry business!Hooray-The-Wedding-Nest-Gift-Registry_11Hooray-The-Wedding-Nest-Gift-Registry_12Hooray-The-Wedding-Nest-Gift-Registry_06

1. So Katie, what attracted you to interior design and how did The Wedding Nest come to be?

After organising our own weddings, we were disappointed that there was no registry that offered the gifts we wanted in our home.

Personally, I was attracted to interior design from my love of colour and beautiful things! I love trying to plan and figure out the best solution for a client too.

2. How is The Wedding Nest different from other wedding registries?

Our proposition is that a couples’ wedding registry should style their home. With a background in interior design, we have gifts that are not only stylish but also practical.

Being online we have the ability to be flexible – if there is a product we don’t have a couple can add their ‘own gifts’. We also have custom ‘Wishing Wells’ which are only limited by your imagination. After all, what’s the harm in having your grandparents pay for your honeymoon cocktails?!

This flexibility also allows us to shuffle gifts to ensure you don’t miss out your must-haves or a partially bought larger gift.

Any item over $300 automatically becomes a ‘contribution gift’, where guests can choose how much they would like to spend. This allows couples to include the larger ticket items such as furniture and artworks.

The Wedding Nest also offers gift cards that the guests can add their own special message for the happy couple. As a special personal touch, we have collaborated with a writer who pens the message as calligraphy.HOORAY_The-Wedding-Nest-Sydney-Gift-Registry01

3. Any tips or suggestions for creating a wedding registry? How would a couple go about the process?

Firstly register online, which is free and simple to do. We then recommend couples browse through the categories and brands, plus check out the example registries to get a feel of how the registry ‘lookbook’ is set out, which they can customise later on. Go crazy and add everything you like as you can add or remove items whenever you like.

Couples can send information to us so we can make suggestions for you. We’re happy to discuss your style direction over the phone and if there is a product you are really after, let me know as we may be able to source it from one of our suppliers.

Being a boutique registry, we love to help couples put together a cohesive collection of gifts that make an impact when delivered to your home, and we can be involved as little or as much as you like.

4. Could you tell us a little bit about your style? What inspires the selection of your products?

Both my home and The Wedding Nest are an extension of my style.

We have an extensive but well-edited collection of beautiful homewares, statement furniture, and unique artworks – along with the registry basics- collated by four interior design styles: Contemporary, French, Beach and Eclectic.HOORAY_The-Wedding-Nest_Wedding_Gifts15

5. Why do you think couples should opt for a wedding gift registry? What would you suggest to couples that are deciding between a wishing well and a gift registry?

Like every other aspect of your wedding, your registry becomes an expression of your individual style to inspire your guests.

We style your registry like a magazine with your dream home inspiration style photos integrated with your wedding gifts. Your guests won’t just feel like they are giving you a gift but that they are helping you create your dream home.

6. In styling a new home, what do you think is key for newlywed couples to remember?

Go with what you and your partner like and need. Everyone has different styles and there are so many nice things to choose from.

Don’t be afraid to ask us for help too. Guests really want to be able to purchase some that makes you happy. Also, use your good items, don’t always leave them for special occasions!HOORAY_The-Wedding-Nest_Wedding_Gifts03

7. What are must-have collection pieces from The Wedding Nest?

Dinner or homewares from Mud Australia, there are so many beautiful combinations of all their colourways and you can add more items to your collection from years to come, truly timeless!

8. If you were planning your gift registry right now, what would your top five picks be?

I would choose:

Luxury cutlery from Cutipol

Centerpiece vase from Aussie design duo Angus and Celeste

Jerusalem cookbook from the innovators Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi

‘Pink Door’ framed artwork

A handmade throw from Lumiere Art + Co

9. Do you have suggestions on how couples can let their guests know about their wedding gift registry with The Wedding Nest?

We offer complimentary invite inserts which couples can add to their invitations. Couples can also send out their lookbook link via email on our site or many add their personalised link to their wedding websites. Additionally, Guests can search for a registry on the home page via the couples surnames and wedding month.HOORAY_The-Wedding-Nest-Sydney-Gift-Registry02

Want to use The Wedding Nest for your big day?

If you love The Wedding Nest as much as we do and want to register for your special day, head to their website:!