Sam and Rebecca are born and bred Canberrans. And as much as you might want to dis Australia’s capital city lately, there is absolutely nothing to dis about this wedding. In fact, it’s one of the most romantic, happy weddings we’ve laid eyes on in quite some time (and just wait until you see the groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time).

Sam and Rebecca met at their local church when they were just 14 and 15 years old respectively. While Sam spent a good chunk of time crushing on Rebecca, it wasn’t until four years later that they finally became a couple.

The pair used drama and romance to inspire the décor and styling for their rustic barn reception venue, Kimo Estate in Gundagai.

‘Because of the barn’s character and dramatic feel, there was no need to add much more than a few extra candles and flowers,’ explains Rebecca.

Fresh florals in burgundy, orange, white, pink and lilac (the bride’s favourite colours) and lush foliage was the stand-out feature, with a vivid floral installation on the wedding arbour and a floral wall hanging behind the bridal table.

The rest of the décor was kept simple, with feminine gold, black and white elements like patterned glass candle holders, candelabras, wooden creates and calligraphy blackboard signage.

Rebecca has some practical wedding planning advice for all brides and grooms-to-be.

‘Make sure you spend your money on elements that are really important to you, like flowers and photography,’ says Rebecca.

‘Do the planning together and make sure you factor in the time of sunset, before allocating times to your event.’

If you haven’t already started scrolling through KeepsakePhoto’s incredible photos of Sam and Rebecca’s wedding, what are you waiting for? Get to it!HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_02 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_03 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_05 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_06 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_07 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_09 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_12 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_13 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_14 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_15 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_16 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_17 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_18 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_19 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_21 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_23 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_24 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_25 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_26 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_27 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_28 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_30 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_31 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_33 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_36 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_40 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_41 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_43 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_44 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_45 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_47 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_49 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_50 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_52 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_53 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_56 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_60 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_63 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_64 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_65 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_66 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_67 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_68 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_69 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_70 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_71 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_75 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_77 HOORAY_KeepsakePhotography_Gundagai_79


Photography: Keepsakephoto | Event Planning + Styling: Bride, Groom + Kimo Estate | Floral Styling: Lilygrace Flowers | Venue: Kimo Estate | Catering: Castle Lane Catering | Cake: Sweet Tooth Canberra | Cake Topper: Glistening Occasions | Stationery: Smitten in Ink | Entertainment: Caitlin Plunkett Music | Wedding Gown: Wendy Makin | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Shona Joy, Keepsake the Label + White Fox Boutique | Accessories: Lovisa | Shoes: Betts + Bellini | Suits: Institchu | Engagement Ring: Mazzucchelli’s | Wedding Bands: Michael Hill | Celebrant: Andrew Baker | Hair: The Hollow | Make-up: Grace Welcome Makeup


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