Who says a wedding has to be a giant, evening, indoor fiasco? Definitely not Riverwood Weddings, The Perfection Project and their team of mobile wedding vendors.

Tailoring to couples looking for an intimate affair – that is more than an elopement and less than a full-blown wedding – the team have put together this daytime picnic wedding inspo for you, dear readers, to enjoy today.

‘This type of wedding could really suit couples with small children, or possibly second marriages who have already done the “big” wedding,’ says Carmen from Riverwood Weddings.

‘Couples still very much get a wedding day look, beautiful photos and ceremony, and a relaxed luncheon to celebrate with close family and friends.’

The inspiration for the day was drawn from casual, chilled-out, boho vibes.

Using low timber tables, stylist Bek created an ‘X’ shaped layout on top of vintage rugs and under a canopy of vintage-style bunting. She then decorated the table with brass vases, gold cutlery, pretty pink napkins and stunning laser-engraved, timber menus, and scattered plenty of fluffy cushions and leather and weaved ottomans around the place to give the picnic a stylish feel.

The fabulous bar area featured a wine barrel high bar, as well as a super cute pop-up bar from Humming Bird Catering. Wanting to add elements of fun to the space, Bek dressed up the catering van with a balloon installation that was also used on the naked tipi ceremony arbour.

For florals, The Posy Collective created wild botanical bouquets, featuring a unique combination of dried native and delicate petal flowers.

‘The fresh scent of eucalyptus, combined with the perfume from the deep red Columbian roses, were an absolute delight,’ says Carmen.

There are so many details in this relaxed wedding set-up that each time we scroll through, we find something new to swoon over. Check it out for yourself!HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_01 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_02 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_03 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_04 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_05 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_06 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_07 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_08 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_09 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_10 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_11

HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_16 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_17 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_18 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_19 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_20 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_21 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_22 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_23 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_24 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_25 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_26 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_27 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_28 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_29 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_30 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_31 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_32 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_33 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_34 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_35 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_36 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_37 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_39 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_40 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_41 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_42 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_43 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_44
HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_46 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_47 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_49 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_50 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_51 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_60 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_61 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_63 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_64 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_65 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_66 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_67 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_68 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_69 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_70 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_76 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_77 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_78 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_79 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_80 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_81 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_82 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_83 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_84 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_85 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_88 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_90 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_91 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_92 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_93 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_95
HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_87 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_97 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_99 HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_01 (1) HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_02 (1) HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_03 (1) HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_04 (1) HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_05 (1) HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_06 (1) HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_07 (1) HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_08 (1) HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_11 (1) HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_12 (1) HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_13 (1) HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_14 (1) HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_15 (1) HOORAY_Heart&Colour_GoldCoast_16 (1)


Photography: Heart & Colour | Event Planning: Riverwood Weddings + The Perfection Project | Event Styling, Decorations + Hire Items: The Perfection Project | Floral Styling: The Posy Collective | Venue: Riverwood Weddings | Catering + Drinks: Hummingbird & Co Catering | Cake + Desserts: Sugarize Events | Celerbant: Rebecca Kesby | Stationery: The Rustic at Heart | Wine: Scotchmans Hill | Photobooth: Insta Kombi | Wedding Gown: Grace Loves Lace | Bridesmaid Dress: Illahie Lifestyle & Fashion | Hair: Carly Hammond | Makeup: Natasha Hammond

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