Brides and grooms to-be, get ready to feast your eyes on the European wedding of your dreams.

Anthony and Marie married at a stunning 12th-century monastery in Umbria, Italy. The ceremony took place in a grand old church, with a reception under the stars, in what looks like the ruins of an old castle.

‘For our reception, we went for two long tables for our six-course banquet, followed by the cutting of our cake in the gardens under a tree filled with tea light votives,’ says Marie.

‘Whilst we cut the cake, we had a cigar and chocolate station for guests to enjoy, then returned to the banquet area to dance until the early morning.’

Anthony and Marie wanted to ensure the styling of their wedding brought out the beauty of the surrounding area, particularly the olive groves that are also a symbol of their Italian and Greek heritage.

They were put in touch with the floral geniuses Donatella and Andrea Belcapo who used fresh blooms like white Peonies, Toses, Lisianthus and Hydrangeas, and offset them with plenty of olive greenery.

‘It felt like we were in a sprawling garden,’ says Marie.

‘Andrea was brilliant on the day. He banished me from the church before the wedding, saying in Italian, “I want you to be surprised when you walk down the aisle”.’

They carried the olive theme through to the gift bags which, amongst other goodies, featured a cold pressed Olive Oil from the groves of La Badia.

For her dresses, Marie wanted to juxtapose tradition and modernity with two different styles. For the ceremony, she wore a one-shoulder, elegantly tailored Toni Maticevski number that she purchased online. For the reception, she changed into a more relaxed dress from The Bridal Atelier, with soft sleeves and an open back that allowed her to dance the night away.

But for both Anthony and Marie, there was one moment in the night that sticks out above all others:

‘As we enjoyed dinner, our entire wedding reception sang (unprompted) to Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Amore”. Anthony and I both had to pinch ourselves to make sure we weren’t dreaming that moment!’ says Marie.

Sit back and enjoy Anthony and Marie’s enchanting European wedding below.HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_05 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_02 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_03 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_13 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_16 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_21 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_24 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_25 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_26 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_28 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_29 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_30 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_31 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_38 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_39 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_40 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_41 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_43 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_44 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_45 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_46 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_47 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_48 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_49 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_50 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_51 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_52 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_53 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_56 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_57 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_58 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_59 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_60 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_61 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_62 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_63 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_64 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_66 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_67 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_68 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_70 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_71 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_72 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_73 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_74 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_75 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_76 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_78 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_79 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_81 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_82 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_83 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_84 HOORAY_GiuseppeMarano_Umbria_85


Photography: Giuseppe Marano | Event Planning + Styling: Bride + Groom | Venue + Decorations: La Badia di Orvieto | Catering, Drinks + Cake: Trip & Co Banqueting at La Badia di Orvieto | Stationery: Kate Floro | Entertainment: DJ Mauro Vecchi | Wedding Gown: Rue De Seine + Toni Maticevski | Accessories: Anna Marguerite | Shoes: Paul Andrew | Suits: Brent Wilson + P Johnson Tailors Paddington | Engagement Ring + Wedding Band: Ronald Crisp | Hair: Vanessa Deluca | Makeup: Sister-in-law

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