On an unseasonably hot Autumn day in Perth, (in fact, it was the hottest May day on record) Clarissa and Joshua vowed to spend the rest of their lives together.

The couple consciously decided their wedding would focus on bringing together the special people in their life with good food, drinks and lots of dancing.

‘We had a bigger guest list, but we knew we wanted to keep it as low key and cosy as possible,’ explains Clarissa.

With this front of mind, they didn’t spend much time over thinking or analysing elements of their big day. If they liked it (and it fit within their budget) then went with it!

‘We planned this wedding in just over 7 months…we didn’t have time to get bogged down over the small details,’ adds Clarissa.

In a risky move that fortunately paid off, the couple had their ceremony at the sweetest church they’d booked after merely viewing pictures of it on Google.

‘It couldn’t have worked out more perfect,’ says Clarissa.

‘It was so beautiful with its high ceilings, wooden beams and natural lighting that we added no decorations, other than a floral arbour at the entrance!’

The reception was held in a clear marquee overlooking the river. It was styled to minimalistic perfection with blooms, festoon and drop lights.

The flowers were definitely the standout feature of the day, with soft warm tones of muted pinks, oranges and yellows, paired with leafy greens and magnolia leaves.

‘I wasn’t fussy about what blooms were used. I just showed the wonderful Ebony from Covet Collect some inspo I liked and trusted her to create all the floral pieces,’ says Clarissa.

If you some a beautiful, fuss-free wedding inspo, then start scrolling through Clarissa and Joshua’s wedding below! It’s captured by one of our fave photography duos, Ben and Ebony PhotographyHOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_01 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_02 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_04 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_05 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_06 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_07 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_08 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_10 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_11 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_12 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_13 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_14 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_15 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_17 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_18 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_19 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_20 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_21
HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_23 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_24 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_25 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_26 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_27 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_28 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_29 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_31 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_32 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_33 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_34 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_35 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_36 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_37 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_39 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_40 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_41 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_44 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_45 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_46 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_47 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_48 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_49HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_52 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_53 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_54 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_55 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_56 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_57 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_59 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_60 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_61 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_62 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_63 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_64 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_65 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_66 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_67 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_68 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_73 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_74 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_75 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_77 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_79 HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_80


Photography: Ben and Ebony | Event Planning: Bride, Nedlands Yacht Club + Covet Collect | Event Styling, Decorations, Floral Styling + Hire Items: Covet Collect | Ceremony Venue: Ross Memorial Church | Venue: Nedlands Yacht Club | Catering: Prestige Catering & Events + Pietro Gelateria | Drinks: Nedlands Yacht Club | Cake: Family Friend | Stationery: Bride | Wedding Dress: Made with Love Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: Bec + Bridge, Shona Joy, Talulah Lamaison + Ginia RTW | Accessories: Mimco + Samantha Wills | Shoes: Wittner | Suits: Asos, Politix, Blaq + Zara | Engagement Ring: Natalie Marie Jewellery | Wedding Bands: Natalie Marie Jewellery + Angus & Coote | Hair: Kayla Marshall Wedding Hair | Make up: Cat Elizabeth Artistry


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