Tucked away at the edge of a mountain overlooking Lake Como in Italy, designer of Daughters of Simone, Ashley and now-husband, Terrence exchanged their hand-written vows.

If you believe in fate, this one is for you…

Growing up, Ashley and Terrence went to the same school and even had a crush on each other when they were 11 years old. They reconnected some years later whilst both living in San Francisco and had their first date in a 12-hour car ride to the Coachella Music Festival. Living out a happily ever after, they have been inseparable ever since.

Terrence has always been one for surprises and he didn’t hold back when it came to the proposal. As a ruse to throw Ashley off track, Terrence convinced her they were going away for a weekend to celebrate his parent’s anniversary. They spent the day at a winery with his family and before Ashley knew what was happening, he had led her to a spot overlooking the vineyard and got down on one knee. What came next? She said yes of course and they started planning a wedding of epic proportions.

Straight away, they knew one of the main things they wanted to highlight was their shared love of fashion. Think: Met Gala, the wedding edition.

The ceremony was set up like a runway show, letting each and every guest have their moment in their finest, most fashionable attire. Many of them, including Ashley, were dressed by her own bohemian bridal label, Daughters of Simone.

The reception to follow was no less than amazing. Walking down a stairway adorned in untamed wildflowers, guests arrived to a midsummer night’s dream land. The night unfolded in a rose garden abundant with larger-than-life florals, twinkling fairy lights and candles.

With no formal seating and a buffet-style dinner, Ashley and Terrence wanted their guests to feel like they could relax, kick their feet up and dance the night away. Which is exactly what happened… in the pool.

Ashley said, “I’ll never forget dancing in the pool fully gowned with my new husband while voraciously belting out Whitney Houston jams.”

And to all you future brides, Ashley says “Learn to let the little things slide off, there comes a moment during your wedding, and it may come in a different form than jumping in a pool with your clothes on, where you’re determined to just have fun and celebrate marrying the love of your life.”

Look through at Ashley and Terrance’s wildly romantic celebration captured by Elisabetta Redaelli below. HOORAY!-Real-Celebration-Photography-Edit 00 HOORAY!-Real-Celebration-Photography-Edit 01 (1) HOORAY!-Real-Celebration-Photography-Edit 01 HOORAY!-Real-Celebration-Photography-Edit 09 (1) HOORAY!-Real-Celebration-Photography-Edit 03 HOORAY!-Real-Celebration-Photography-Edit 06 HOORAY!-Real-Celebration-Photography-Edit 04 HOORAY!-Real-Celebration-Photography-Edit 05 HOORAY!-Real-Celebration-Photography-Edit 07 HOORAY!-Real-Celebration-Photography-Edit 09 HOORAY!-Real-Celebration-Photography-Edit 15 HOORAY!-Real-Celebration-Photography-Edit 20 (1)
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Photography: Elisabetta Redaelli | Videography: 2become1 | Florals + Wedding Designs: Christine Cater | Catering + Cake: Citron Pavot | Craft Cocktails + Bartenders: Barmen At Work  | Wedding Planning: Laura Dova Weddings | Furniture Rentals: Sofi Rent Designs + Narkisso | Tableware Rentals: Tableset Luxury Rentals | Decor Rentals: Rosso Di Sera | Silk Ribbons: Allegoria | DJ Music: Dance Police | Wedding Dress: Daughters of Simone | Bridesmaid Dresses: Leave Her WilderDaughters of Simone | Bridesmaids Pearled Capes: Daughters of Simone | Jewellery:  A.B.Ellie x Daughters of Simone | Groomsmen Embroidery: Jackie Haug | Bride Ring: Rebecca Overmann Jewellery | Groom Ring: Fiat Lux SF | Invitation Design: Carolyn Yocum | Invitation Calligraphy: Inkpush Co | Invitation Printing Press: Lighthouse Bridal | Hair + Make Up: Sinem YavasnerJuliana Taraca | Ceremony Venue: Giardino del Merlo | Reception Venue: Villa Camilla