Kate is a self-confessed “crazy DIY girl” with a ceramics business called Asobumasu Clay. Jace is a home brewer of beer, hobby wood carver and whisky distiller by trade. With their complementary skills, it seemed almost serendipitous that these two would fall in love and curate a totally unique DIY wedding, complete from beer to bouquet.

‘Royal feasts and still life paintings were the premise for a deep and moody colour palette, indulgent food and sprawling floral arrangements throughout our wedding,’ explains Kate.

‘I spent a lot of time sourcing reference material and props. I found the most glamorous gold velvet curtains – which framed the entrance to the barn – and handmade a series of ceramic tableware that our feasting table was to be served on.’

In fact, almost every element of the wedding was handmade. Jace built most of the reception furniture and brewed all the beer in the lead up to the big day. Kate also stitched her own veil and spent an entire weekend creating a colourful streamer wall that brightened up the exterior of the old stone barn venue.

Sharing a love of homely meals spent with family and friends, the couple opted for an informal seating arrangement–long low tables with no defined place settings and some cushioned floor seating. This helped to create a relaxed atmosphere where the guests could get to know each other and spend time as one big new family.

‘When the giant barn doors were opened, our guests were greeted by a beautiful abundant feast that sprawled across the tables… whole wheels of cheese, fresh honey, baskets of bread and floral arrangements that melted onto the fruit adorned the tables,’ says Kate.

Outside, the Sliders on Tyres food truck also served up some delicious burgers that were a carb-filled welcomed treat for all guests.

‘Creating our wedding day ourselves and piecing together every element was such an important labor of love for us…we couldn’t have imagined it better,’ adds Kate.

Get lost in the intricate DIY details of Kate and Jace’s wedding below!HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_03 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_04 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_05 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_06 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_07 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_09 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_10 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_11 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_12 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_13 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_14 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_15 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_16 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_17 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_18 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_19 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_25 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_26 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_27 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_28 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_29 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_30 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_31 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_32 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_33 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_35 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_37 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_39 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_40 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_41 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_42 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_43 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_44 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_45 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_46 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_47 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_48 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_49 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_50 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_51 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_52 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_53 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_54 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_55 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_56 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_57 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_58 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_59 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_60 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_61 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_62 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_63 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_65 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_66 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_68 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_69 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_70 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_73
HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_76 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_77 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_78 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_79 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_80 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_81 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_82 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_83 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_84 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_87 HOORAY_Bobby-Clarke_Victoria_88


Photography: Bobby Clark | Event Planning, Styling, Floral Styling + Decorations: Asobumasu Clay | Hire Items: Good Day Club + FOHP | Event Venue: Warrawong Woolshed | Catering: Asobumasu Clay + Sliders on Tyres | Cakes: Katielou’s Cakes | Entertainment: Bernie Harrison | Wedding Gown: Rachel Gilbert | Shoes: ASOS | Suit: Calibre | Engagement Ring: Vintage Bazaar | Wedding Bands: Jasmine Fraser


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