While we’ll always hold a soft spot for printed invites, the convenience of a wedding website is straight-up impossible to ignore.

Gone are the days of tracking attendees in a word document or spreadsheet. When it comes to tracking RSVPs, wedding websites are a total game-changer.

Plus, with a cleverly created website, you can also track dietary requirements, take song requests, link to your gift registry, make hotel suggestions for guests, and still have a stack of room to share fun details about the big day.

Heather of Hint or Holler knows this all too well. Not only is this creative a talented stationery designer, but she’s also a total pro at creating wedding websites.

We sat down with Heather from Hint or Holler to get all the juice on creating the ultimate wedding website.  Read on to uncover her top tips for creating the perfect digital invitation.blank screen Modern laptop computer with coffee cup,mouse and Su

1. Why should a couple opt for a wedding website over traditional paper?

“It’s not so much that a couple should need to choose one over the other. I love the idea of a traditional paper invitation in conjunction with a wedding website.

With the wedding website, couples can include a lot more information – such as accommodation options and the best place to grab refreshments between the ceremony and reception.

Also, it’s a great way to interact with the guests and collect fun requests or messages. One functional benefit is taking the hassle out of managing RSVPs and dietary requirements!

Of course, it’s another way for guests to be alerted to venue changes in wet weather, and the couple can even include a link to the online gallery of their photographer once the wedding is over.

The wedding website is also a more environmentally sustainable option.”HOORAY!-Hint-or-Holler-Wedding-Invitation-Website04

2. Can you talk us through the step-by-step process of designing a website for a client?

“It’s all about having conversations with the client so I get to know them, their style and the look they are after for their wedding day.

Once I know more about the couple, I’m able to start working on options for page layouts, colour palettes and how best to present the information the couple want to include.

When the design is chosen, I get building the site, ready for changes and final approval.

After that, the site can go live, ready to wow the guests.”Mock up of white desktop with electronic devices, stationary ite

3. How should a couple brief you on their wedding website? What do you need to know?

“All of Hint or Holler’s wedding invitation websites are custom built for each client and tailored to include their unique style or quirks. So first up, I need to know about them, their likes and dislikes and what brought them together.

Of course, I also need to know all the details they wish to include on the site about the event. Other details might include information for guests such as maps and parking, accommodation, and the gift registry.

I also need to find out how the couple wants to collect RSVPs – this could be through the site or via email.”Laptop with blank screen on table.

4. What information should a couple cover on their wedding website?

“They can cover as much and as little as they want. With a wedding website, couples can be quite minimal, just as some couples are with the traditional paper invitations.”HOORAY!-Hint-or-Holler-Wedding-Invitation-Website02

5. How can a couple personalise their wedding website?

“The best way to personalise your wedding website is to include personalised text and images of your time together as a couple. The images are a great way to share your story.

We can even include an Instagram feed on the website where the couple or guests can post pictures in the lead up to the wedding day – and even share those great shots from later on the wedding night!”holding and show smart phone by asian woman beauty right hand wi

6. What are the most frequently asked questions from couples when it comes to building wedding websites?

“What domain name do we get? Whatever domain name you want, as long as it is available! Send me an email to find out if the domain name you want is available.

Do we have to pay extra for the domain name? No, it’s included in the price of your website.

How long will it be live for? Domain names are generally valid for one year which you can choose to extend if you want.

How do we collect the RSVPs? You can choose to receive each RSVP via email or a Google Drive can be set up to receive them.

Will everyone see our website or can it be hidden? Most wedding invitation websites are Password locked so only the guests with the password are able to access all of your information

How do you let your guests know about your website?  The options are endless. Most couples send a beautifully designed invitation a few minimal details and include the web address and password.

How do we start the process? Get in touch with Hint or Holler to find out more.”

Want a custom wedding wedbsite by Hint or Holler?

We don’t blame you (..we want one too!). To get in touch with Hint or Holler, email Heather at [email protected].