When it comes to styling your wedding the options are endless! Don’t stress – we’ve interviewed the talents behind styling powerhouse, Ivory Lane, to get the low down on how to style a wedding and what a stylist actually does.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, this is it! Grab a coffee and notebook, these are all the tips and tricks you’ll need to know.

What are the six tips any bride or groom should know when planning a wedding?

1. Know YOUR style

Try not to get caught up in the worlds of Pinterest and Instagram. While these are amazing platforms to develop your personal style, don’t let your wedding become something that doesn’t reflect you and your partner, after all the day is about the two of you!

2. There are no rules

The most common thing a styling client will say to us is “I want to do what is normally done”. Whilst there are trends, these come and go, there are no must-dos when it comes to wedding styling. You as a couple decide if something is for you or not. The definition of a ‘normal wedding style’ simply doesn’t exist anymore. Be creative and think about the vibe and ambience you want to create.

3. There is such a thing as ‘too much’

Follow the saying of Coco Chanel, “Get dressed and remove one item.” The same thing applies to table styling – less is sometimes MORE. We all want our weddings to be perfect, but that doesn’t mean you need to try to have (and do) it all. Less is more, trust us! Statement pieces such as a beautiful floral ceiling installation or a statement chair are all you need to bring a vision to life. Stick to this and you’ll have that ‘WOW’ factor.

4. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box

Try to escape the ‘norm’ when it comes to creating your style. Listen to the professionals (you’re paying for their expertise!) and trust they have your best interests at heart when making bold or out-there suggestions.

5. Details matter

Don’t forget about the small details when it comes to your styling vision. Sometimes a textured napkin or adding a metallic element to your table setting may be all it takes to completely elevate your vision.

6. Get a Stylist!

If you want a significant portion of your day handed over to the professionals so you can relax and be pampered, then hiring a stylist is for you. Much of the setup and styling happens the day before your wedding and on the day itself – this is the time you should be spending with friends and family, not making sure every fork is straight on the table. Leave it to the professionals! (See points above to re-affirm your decision!)

Okay, So What Does a Wedding Stylist Do?

The most common question we receive from brides is; what actually is wedding styling and what does it include? We always answer with the same thing, insurance! We are your insurance policy, your back up, someone who is there for the sole purpose of keeping your vision alive. While it involves many other aspects such as concept development, design, floor plans, logistic planning and communication, at the end of the day we are there to ensure that your special day looks and feels the way you have both been planning for many months.

Finding the right stylist is like finding the right hairdresser – there are so many out there, but you need to find the one for you! A good stylist will guide you through the process of developing a unique look and feel whilst reflecting your personal style. But it doesn’t stop there, this is all whilst providing tailored vendor and hire suggestions, floral recommendations and communicate with your hire companies or venue on your behalf. Basically, we’ll do all the organisation you need – timelines for the set up of the event, floor plans, run sheets, you name it, we have thought of it already.

On the day we are there to ensure you have the stress free day you deserve. We are there to perfect every small detail and to solve any problems. With us by your side, your vision will be brought to life!HOORAY_Ivory-Lane

Want Ivory Lane to style your wedding?

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