If you’re looking for some inspo for a super bright, colourful, and fun wedding with a dash of edge, then we think this styled shoot should spark your creativity.

The insanely talented Kate Forsyth from Good Day Rentals is the creative genius behind this shoot, and we picked her brain to learn more about the inspiration behind the images.


When flicking through the snaps from this styled shoot, the first word that pops into mind is

Set amongst the lush green gardens of La Serre, the garden location is contrasted with glitter, sequins and all things fun.

Kate tells us, ‘we combined Bangin Hangins’ streamer installs with silver balloons, disco balls and neon signs against pastel furniture with a slant towards fun pink to create a unique look.’

‘We filled the pool with giant inflatables and ball pit balls to really create a riot of colour and fun!’


Kate specifically styled this shoot around the glamorous Miss Angie Bar—a 1960s revamped Bedford Bus.

Kate explains, ‘when I came across the Miss Angie Bar, I immediately wanted to base a shoot around it. The finishes in it are just amazing—pressed tin, copper, marble, pink velvet. Every single part is superb and perfectly done.’

The bus was definitely added an instant wow-factor, setting the scene for fun-filled festivities.

With a fabulously designed cocktail bus, there was no doubt the drinks would match. The beverage menu catered to all palates and supplied an array of options from lime mojitos to Colonial Brewing beer and cider poured straight from the bus’s copper beer taps.


Completing the theme were 60s inspired touches to the bride and groom’s outfits.

Sparkly is an understatement to describe the OTT magic of Gerard’s sequin shirt and Sham’s Rachel Burke tinsel jacket. The musicians also added to the dazzle, rocking glitter boots and drumsticks.

And our favourite detail? It has to be Fidel’s glitter-filled beard!

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HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 20HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 24HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 27HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 12HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 16HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 19HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 39
HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 31HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 32

HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 53HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 61HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 78HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 74HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 81
HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 66HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 68HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 82HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 86HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 87HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 96HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 92HOORAY!-A-Sparkle-Filled-Wedding 95



Photography: Gold and Grit| Videographer: BTW ILY| Event Styling + Planning + Hire + Decorations + Stationery: Good Day Rentals| Location: La Serre| Floral Styling: Good, Grace and Humour| Catering + Drinks: Finesse Catering Group + Miss Angie Bus| Entertainment: Fidel and Sarah| Wedding Gown: Moonstruck Bridal+ Rachel Burke Tinsel Jacket| Suits: ASOS| Engagement Ring + Wedding Bands: Midnight Kiss| Event Bookings: Event and Flavour| Tableware: Betty May Vintage Hire| Hair + Makeup: Made You Blush| Streamer Install: Bangin Hangins| Balloons: The Confetti Room| Cake + Desserts: Torte By Mirjana



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