This party’s space theme was chosen by 3-year-old Asher—and we are absolutely in love!

Asher’s Mum Laura explains, ‘Asher loves space, astronauts, rockets and he can tell you all the planets. We wanted to make him feel like a real space man.’


The decor was inspired by all things metallic to complete the space theme!

‘We went back and forth between including red in the balloon structure, but our little three-year-old who has strong opinions, swayed us into using mint and sticking with a predominantly blue and silver colour scheme,’ Laura explains.

Laura created a balloon galaxy for the decorations, covering the ceiling in breathtaking metallic balloons.


Hosting the party at brunch, Laura provided breakfast pastries and quiches, berries, grapes and star fruit to fit the galactic space theme. And of course, the cake!

Laura’s favourite moment of the party was seeing Asher’s face when he first saw the cake.

‘He closed his little eyes and gasped with glee when he saw the cake with all the planets on it!’


‘We had a face painter and that brought a lot of joy to all the kids,’ Laura tells us.

‘The playdough was also a huge hit. It was super soft, all natural and smelled like essential oils.’

Little party-goers also enjoyed a piñata, shaped into an out-of-this-world moon, which was made entirely by Asher’s grandmother (talk about clever!).

Check out Asher’s space party in the gallery below!HOORAY!-Ashers-Space-Party07HOORAY!-Ashers-Space-Party05HOORAY!-Ashers-Space-Party33HOORAY!-Ashers-Space-Party39HOORAY!-Ashers-Space-Party70HOORAY!-Ashers-Space-Party66HOORAY!-Ashers-Space-Party68




Cake: Sweet Gem Cupcakes | Decorations: Meri Meri + Luft Balloons + Lou and Pepper Parties | Photography: Laura Palacios Photography | Entertainment: I Love Luvi Face Paint + Wunderkidsco Playdough | Sprinkles: Topperella Sprinkles


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