If you’ve ever dreamed of the picture-perfect French wedding, then look no further! Bronte and Josh’s romantic wedding at a chateau in France might just be it!


Bronte and Josh rented Chateau De Fretoy for the weekend. Located in the Burgundy region of France, the chateau was built in the 1900s as a lover’s gift to French actress Cecile Sorel (…is there anything more romantic?).

Bronte tells us, ‘We spent three nights in the castle with 45 guests, feasting on local produce and wine from the surrounding vineyards.’


‘I wanted something very minimalistic and timeless. I loved the idea of doing most of the creative things—invites, menu and flowers—ourselves,’ explains Bronte.

Harnessing the existing beauty of the chateau and surrounding greenery, Bronte and Josh used the spectacular location as a backdrop for their day.

‘The colour palette was quite neutral. I chose floral dresses for the bridesmaids that complemented each other. I loved the idea of the bridesmaids dresses against the French countryside,’ Bronte adds.

Picking wildflowers for the bouquets from the surrounding fields the morning of the wedding, Bronte tells us ‘for me, the experience of picking the flowers and with my husband and taking that time to spend with him in the morning was my favourite part and really allowed us both to relax.’

You can see the beautiful bouquets created by Josh in the gallery below!
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Venue: Chateau De Fretoy | Wedding Gown: Lola Varma + A La Robe | Bridesmaids Dresses: Zimmerman + Ganni | Shoes: Gucci + LOQ | Engagement Ring: Catbird NYC | Wedding bands: Kataoka | Entertainment: Swing Folie | Photographer: Lifestories


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