To celebrate the launch of their new skin treatments, Canberra-based beauty pros, The Lab, threw an event like no-other – a 70s style soiree of delicious food, treatment demonstrations, great music and live tattooing (of the permanent kind).


Co-owners Sianne and Tegan wanted their launch party to be the most Pinterest-worthy of events and something Canberra had never seen before.

‘We wanted people to step through the door to the venue and immediately jizz their pants,’ laughs Sianne.

With this in mind, floral extraordinaire Larissa, of Wiluna Studio, used The Lab’s retro style as inspiration to create the most whimsical floating floral installation.

She incorporated coloured Babies Breath, Asparagus Fern, dried grasses and hanging Amaranthus together to resemble a fluffy, psychedelic cloud that looked like it was plucked straight from the 70s.

The tables were decorated with fruits and flowers that highlighted the brand’s core peachy colours. Literal peaches and apricots were scattered across the long dining table alongside bunches of luxe Roses, Dahlias, dried grasses and Anthuriums.

To provide a subtle yet striking pop of colour, baby blue was also pulled into the styling through Phalaenopsis Orchids and an array of long and short stem candles.

Sianne also rummaged through countless vintage stores to find retro dining plates and an old 70s curtain that was turned into the napkins used on the night.


It was important that every element of the event tied into The Lab’s brand and provided plenty of Instagram-worthy moments for guests.

This included custom cocktails that were specially created to be the perfect shade of peach, served from an old bar the team restored for the day, as well as the colour of the sheets used on the demo bed.

‘Even when selecting the menu, we tried to ensure that at least one ingredient from each dish benefited the skin in some way,’ explains Sianne.

The girls then took a step further pointed out exactly what that was on each of the über cool, personalised menus.

But the best part of this entire event was the hand-poked tattoo station they had on the night. Yes, real-life permanent tattoos, free for all guests.

Sianne explains, ‘We did the tattooing because we always like to think outside the box and we wanted to surprise the guests with something extraordinary alongside a little permanent reminder to love the skin you’re in.’

‘We looked far and wide for the right artist to display something beautiful with the oldest form of artwork on the skin’.

‘We even had one guest get ‘The Lab’ tattooed on his wrist in exchange for free treatments! Rest assured he’s a VIP for life now,’ says Sianne.HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_01 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_02 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_03 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_04 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_05 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_06 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_07 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_08 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_09 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_10 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_11 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_12 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_13 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_14 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_15 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_16 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_17 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_18 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_19 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_20 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_21 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_22 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_23 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_24 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_25 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_26 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_27 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_28 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_29 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_30 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_31 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_32 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_33 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_34 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_35 HOORAY_a-foragers-heart_wiluna-studio_36


Photography: A Forager’s Heart + Ashley St George | Event Planning: The Lab + Good Day PR | Event Styling: Wiluna Studio, The Lab + Good Day PR | Floral Styling: Wiluna Studio | Decorations: Wiluna Studio | Venue: Wiluna Studio | Catering: Woodbrook | Drinks: Lenton Bar | Stationery: Bandit Design + Canberra Rubber Stamps & Signs | Hire Items: Lean Timms + Good Day PR | Entertainment: Jade Le Flay | Tattoo Station: Amy Unalome


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