Out with the green and in with the blooms! This minimal greenery trend is making the ultimate comeback and boy, do we love a killer comeback.

Floral lovers, it’s officially time to stop and smell the roses. While we’re never against an abundance of greenery in floral design, we’re seeing bouquets are once again full to the brim with pretty petals—and we have to admit, we love letting the florals do all the talking. Classic roses and blousy hydrangeas are now bringing that chic, minimal vibe, without the fuss of a foliage-filled arrangement.

We’ve rounded up our fave florists who nail the minimal greenery look to give you some inspiration for your next event.

Believe us when we say, these talents who know exactly how to swap some leafy greens for a bunch of bluebells!

Flowers by Brett Matthew JohnFlowers by Brett Matthew John

Flower Lovers
Flower Lovers

Image via Flower Lovers

Blush FlowersOliviaJoe_FINALS-412_ed_compressed

Image via Blush Flowers

Badlands and CoHOORAY_Badlands and Co

Image via Badlands and Co

Blooms Of EdenHOORAY_Blooms of eden

Image via Blooms Of Eden

Flos BotanicalHOORAY_Flos botanical

Image via Flos Botanical

Heather PageHOORAY_Heather Page

Image via Heather Page

Nikau Flower BarHooray_Nikau Flower Bar

Image via Nikau Flower Bar

Nina E I FioriHOORAY_Nina Eifiori

Image via Nina E I Fiori

Wiluna StudioWiluna Studio


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