A key part of wedding prep? If you ask us, it’s all about the skin.

After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy their love party with glowing, totally hydrated, healthy, happy skin?

So, when skincare brand, Danné Mongue-King—better known as DMK Skin—invited us to try one of their signature facial treatments at one of our fave Canberra-based beauty studios, The Lab, we were only too happy to oblige.DMK-Skin-Enzyme-Treatment_10

DMK Skin take the skin treatment game to a whole new level, so it’s no surprise that their DMK Enzyme Therapy masque is a treatment unlike any other.

And when we say that, we’re not messing around. You can literally feel it working its magic whilst you lie on the table.

As the masque sets, it begins to harden and crack. Think: sensations of intense pressure, tightening and pulling—all working to bring your blood to the surface of your skin.

Hot tip: if you’re claustrophobic, you’re not going to have a fun time. For me? If I’m being honest, I kind of loved the weirdness.DMK-Skin-Enzyme-Treatment_11

When the masque starts to rupture on top of your skin, it’s easy to see why some refer to it as the ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Grandma’, or ‘Dragon’ facial. While those names may sound slightly horrifying, the results are anything but.

As the masque activates, your blood vessels and lymph nodes begin to respond. Then, after the masque is removed, many will experience the ‘plasmatic effect’.

Picture all of the capillaries on the surface of your face and neck pumped up with blood and visibly radiating through your skin. Okay, well—if we’re being honest—that part can look kind of horrifying.

But, the end result? Fan-bloody-tastic skin (see what we did there?).DMK-Skin-Enzyme-Treatment_04

The process may look a little freaky, but it’s all for a good cause. The dilated capillaries bring nutrients into your skin cells via a fresh rush of blood, whilst working to cleanse your skin of toxins. It’s your skin, replenishing itself using your body’s natural functions. Clever, right?

After a few minutes, the plasmatic effect subsides, and you’re left with super fresh, insanely happy, oh-so-glowy skin.

And for the week following? My skin felt totally rejuvenated, refreshed and healthy.

With results like that after only one treatment, we can only imagine how god-damn-delicious your skin would look if you were to do a full 12-month schedule in the lead up to the big day.

While it may be a wild ride, if you’re wanting to give your skin some proper pre-wedding love, the DMK Enzyme Treatment gets a big tick of approval from us here at HOORAY!.