Just like so many decisions you must make when planning a wedding, deciding on the perfect engagement ring for you can be a difficult task. With seemingly never-ending variety, from diamond cut to pear shaped, it can seem like there is an endless number of unique styles to sort through before you can find your ring.

Well look no further, because the oval-shaped ring could well be the classic style you’ve been looking for. An oval cut gem is a unique but understated and elegant choice, so it’s no surprise it has remained a favourite for decades. With the added benefit of appearing larger due to its elongated shape as well as slimming and lengthening the look of its wearer’s fingers, it is hard to find something not to love about this gorgeous shape.

We’ve rounded up six of beautiful examples of the stunningly classic oval shaped gems we can’t get enough of to give you all the inspiration you need.

1. Vale Jewellery

HOORAY!-Oval-Shaped-Rings 01

Via Vale Jewellery 

2. Anna Sheffield

HOORAY!-Oval-Shaped-Rings 02

Via Anna Sheffield 

3. Point No Point Studio

HOORAY!-Oval-Shaped-Rings 03

Via Point no Point Studio

4. Carried Jewels at Local Eclectic

HOORAY!-Oval-Shaped-Rings 04

Via Local Eclectic

5. Melanie Casey

HOORAY!-Oval-Shaped-Rings 05

Via Melanie Casey

6. Capucinne Jewellery

HOORAY!-Oval-Shaped-Rings 06

Via Capuccine Jewellery