What is a better way to throw a celebration than with an explosion of colour?

As all the happiest things come in a rainbow (sprinkles, confetti, rainbows!), you can be guaranteed a joyous occasion when the rainbow is your party’s theme.

Perfect for baby showers, birthday parties and celebrations alike, this oh-so-colourful theme sets the scene for some seriously sweet party food ideas!

The very best part of a rainbow-themed party is the fun food you get to explore, so keep scrolling for all the inspiration you need to master the rainbow theme for your party.

1. Rainbow Cake with Strawberry Buttercream

Every birthday party needs a birthday cake and this one is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Taking the first slice out of this masterpiece epically unveils the rainbow surprise inside. Who could deny a cake so jam-packed with fun?

Molly Yeh - Cake Molly Yeh - CakeLine-break

Via My Name is Yeh

2. Edible Sugar Cookie Dough

There is nothing better than sneaking a bit of the cookie dough before it gets put in the oven—and now with this edible sugar cookie dough, you can eat as much as your heart desires! This edible sugar cookie dough is full of fun sprinkles perfect for a rainbow party theme. Scoop it up like ice cream and serve in cups to make it easy for everyone to enjoy.

HOORAY!-Rainbow-Party-Food-Inspo05 HOORAY!-Rainbow-Party-Food-Inspo04Line-break

Via Cookie Named Desire

3. Fairy toast

Molly from ‘My Name is Yeh’ gifted us with not one, not two but three delightful recipes for fairy toast. ‘What is fairy toast?’ you may ask, well the answer is simple: bread, butter and SPRINKLES! With a few added twists courtesy of Molly, these treats are a no brainer addition to any fun-loving person’s party.


Via My Name is Yeh

4. Rainbow Spiral Cookies

If you’re looking for a treat that really packs a punch in colour factor (perhaps a little psychedelic even), then look no further than these rainbow spiral cookies. They may look complicated but, there’s no need to fret—they are far simpler to execute than they seem!

HOORAY!-Rainbow-Party-Food-Inspo09 HOORAY!-Rainbow-Party-Food-Inspo08Line-break

Via Sprinkle Bakes

5. Rainbow Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cookies and ice cream are two of our favourite treats here in the HOORAY! office, so needless to say when we saw this recipe with the two combined, we were more than excited. This recipe gets bonus points (not that it needed them) for being extra-specially colourful.

HOORAY!-Rainbow-Party-Food-Inspo13 HOORAY!-Rainbow-Party-Food-Inspo03Line-break

Via Paper and Stich

6. Rainbow Pizza

Your little ones won’t need any convincing to eat their vegetables once they’ve got a slice of this rainbow pizza on their plate!


Via Brit + Co

7. Rainbow Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs

These rainbow Hawaiian chicken kebabs pack wow-factor into every sight and bite! This recipe will be particularly handy if you’re planning an outdoor BBQ party, but if not, you can still cook them on the stove just as easily.

HOORAY!-Rainbow-Party-Food-Inspo11 HOORAY!-Rainbow-Party-Food-Inspo10Line-break

Via Gimme Some Oven

8. Rainbow Pinata Birthday Cake

Just in case you needed another option for a rainbow-themed birthday cake, check out this pinata cake. This cake couldn’t be more on-theme with a rainbow sprinkle coating, rainbow cake layers and a rainbow candy surprise! We only have one thing to say to this cake and that is: yes, please!