Bel Combridge is a Canberra-based photographer with an adventurous spirit and heart of pure gold, handpicked by HOORAY! to collaborate with us on our own shoots. With her keen eye for cinematic frames, Bel holds a unique talent for capturing romantic moments as they candidly unfold.

Bel is interested in connecting with anyone who may be seeking a photographer for their occasion or brand, and is open to creative collaborations and connecting with fun-loving couples for their special event.HOORAY_Canberra-Wedding-Photographer_Bel-Combridge_14

Meet Bel

Hi, I’m Bel from Bel Combridge Photography and I’ve been growing my photography and design business for the last six years as a side-passion to my marketing career. From humble beginnings shooting festivals and gigs, I have found my calling in weddings and portraiture.

Emotions speak louder than words and I strive to capture them in the most authentically ‘you’ way possible. I would best describe my style as candid and natural, mixing photojournalism with traditional portraiture techniques to tell my clients’ unique story. My images reflect my love of clean composition and colours and natural light. I always try to accentuate the natural environment or architecture of the space we’re shooting in; paying homage to the wonderful region or venue we’re lucky enough to be enjoying!

I have a fun-loving, extroverted personality and working with me usually includes lots of laughing and natural smiles (many due to my terrible jokes)! I go into every session excited at the prospect of meeting new people and bringing out their inner beauty and joy through my camera. As a qualified graphic designer, I also find joy in creating albums and fine art prints for my clients, bringing my work full circle from creative concept to tangible art.

The definition of happiness for me is creating something beautiful for others to enjoy.


Email: [email protected]