We’ve been crushin’ on Cherry Cake’s delectable designs for a number of years now, so we thought it was about time that we introduced this clever cookie you!

Cherry Cakes is a boutique baker creating chic desserts full of creativity. Designs range from rustic cakes adorned with fresh florals, and semi-naked designs dripping with caramel drizzle; to painterly designs rich in colour, decorated with an abundance of seasonal fruits and berries.

The creative behind the bakehouse is always dreaming up new and unique flavour combinations (think: pumpkin spice cake with balsamic caramel, chocolate stout cake with peanut butter and jelly, and pink champagne cake with fresh strawberries …just to name a few!).

With so many seriously drool-worthy creations, we’re hard-pressed to pick a favourite. Take a peek at Cherry’s Instagram account and you’ll see what we mean! A quick scroll through the account had us lusting over each and every one of her bespoke creations.

Looking for a Melbourne-based cake-maker full of creativity? Get in touch with Cherry Cakes!
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Meet Cherry Cakes

Cherry Cakes is a Melbourne-based boutique cake business that focuses on both quality and seasonal ingredients. Our styling is rustic and unique and we love to work with our customers to create beautiful one off designs.

We specialise in weddings, parties and functions and love making sweets that are creative and a little bit different. Flavour is really important to us at Cherry Cakes so we often change our seasonal menu and are always adding new and exciting flavours for our customers to pick from.


To contact Cherry Cakes, email Cherry at [email protected].