Arranging fruit with flowers is a refreshing approach to floral design. Using a bright mix of blooms will give an uplifting and tropical feel to any space.


1 Hour

Suitable for

Ages 12 +

What you’ll need

3 stems of Bird of Paradise | 5 Liatris stems | 5 Hypericum Berry stems | 3 Sunflowers stems | 2 lotus pod stems | 3 green Anthurium stems | Ivy berry greenery | 5 mini Monsteria leaves | 2 Gymea leaves | 5 red Cordyline leaves | a piece of Dodda vine | oranges | scissors | knife | bowl tape | floral foam | a wide glass vessel | fresh water and flower food


  1. Place the floral foam in water until it completely soaks through.
  2. Cut foam to size, leaving enough space for sliced oranges. Place foam inside glassware.
  3. Meanwhile, cut slices of orange, and place in between glass and foam, hiding the floral foam. Fasten foam in with a cross of bowl tape at the top.
  4. Take your foliage and completely cover the floral foam in desired shape. (We have gone for a modern, grouped and forward-facing design.)Use tall, straight gymea at centre back. Work your way down and angle foliage in staggered layers to cover the foam. This will create an interesting base. For an overgrown jungle look, finish with a wrapping of dodda vine.
  5. Cut and evenly distribute flowers in staggered groupings. Keep colour balance in mind. Start by getting your height with birds of paradise, and work your way down. Continue to add blooms until you achieve your desired tropical look.
  6. Fill glass with water and flower food.


Try not to move stems once placed in foam; this can create holes, and the foam may fall apart. This style can be made with assorted blooms of your choice. Oranges could also be substituted for jellybeans, pebbles, etc – the possibilities are endless!