Impromptu gatherings, organised without a whole lot of thought or time for that matter, usually turn out fine…however in our experience, a truly memorable event requires a bit of planning. It’s all in the details. Organisation will ensure you spend time and energy actually enjoying your efforts. We’ve put together some tips on how to plan a mid-morning get together with your ladies. While you’ll have to pick up a copy of Issue 6 to see the article in full, we’ve included our top tips here, as well as a heap of extra images!

Prepare: Begin your preparation at least two days prior – pull out your best crockery and tableware, and decide which ones you’ll use to serve which dishes. Use post-it notes to remember your selections. This little trick will ensure you’re not flustered when serving up your meals.

Juice Bar:  A fresh juice bar is the perfect addition to a brunch gathering. All you need is a good variety of fruits, mix-ins like honey and sugar, and a juicer. Guests get to enjoy mixing their own fruity concoctions and you can even add a dash of alcohol (if it’s that kind of party).

Powder Room: Stock your powder room with individual guest towels, scented liquid soap, a candle or reed diffuser and some flowers. If you have space, a small dish of individually sealed mints are always a nice touch. Remember, it’s all in the details.

Final Note: Do not keep your guests waiting at the table. As the hostess, if you serve yourself last and consequently are not seated at the same time, then offer a toast welcoming everybody and asking them to please start. As a guest, always either call the next day to thank the host or send a hand-written note. Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_01.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_02.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_03.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_04.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_05.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_06.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_07.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_08.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_10.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_12.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_13.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_14.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_15.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_16.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_17.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_18.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_19.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_20.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_21.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_22.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_23.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_24.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_25.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_26.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_27.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_28.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_29.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_30.jpg Blog_ExtraImages_LadiesWhoBrunch_11.jpgVintage Caravan, Styling, Florals and Design by Mable & Co | Photography by Holly Murphy Photography | Furniture from Ferguson Valley Events