It might be taking its sweet time, but the warmer weather is definitely coming, we can feel it! Like we’ve said many a time, Spring means you can finally take your celebrations outdoors, which (no doubt) also means you’ll be serving some refreshing beverages to keep guests cool and hydrated. That’s why we’ve gathered some fresh and jazzy drink garnish ideas, inspired by our love for Spring, that you could use in ANY cold drink that you’ll be serving at your next celebration. From funky cocktails right through to plain old soda water, there are plenty of ways to style your beverages, brighten your drinks table and liven up your party.

Check out some of our fave ‘Spring Fresh’ drink garnish ideas below:Blog_FancyDrinks_20140903_01.jpg Left Floral Sprinkles via Sugar & Cloth | Right Fruit Ice Cubes via Design Love Fest
Blog_FancyDrinks_20140903_02.jpg Left Mojito Ice Cubes via Lulu’s | Right Orange & Sage + Lemon & Lavender via Bakers Royale Blog_FancyDrinks_20140903_03.jpg Left Mint & Raspberry Heart Ice via Raspberri Cupcakes | Right Floral Drinks via Design Love Fest Blog_FancyDrinks_20140903_05.jpg Left Infused Water via Tasty Yummies | Right Infused Water via Dorian Nieto