Jess and Nathan definitely don’t do things by halves and together with their friends and family, they created an engagement party to be remembered.

The couple recreated a kitsch backyard setting, typical of what one might find in the yard of a Suburban Nana. Albeit a rockin’ Nana who has a penchant for artificial turf, Art Deco decorations, festoon lights and flamingos!

They even had an old-fashioned Hills Hoist complete with granny undies hung-out to dry. Jess and Nathan were determined to host an engagement party that was memorable, fun and perfectly them.

What they created is a celebration to be marvelled at. Jess and Nathan had an eclectic menu that paid homage to their all-time favourite foods, including separate dumpling and burger stations and a sorbet station that was built into an ice-sculpture! Mini Oreo cupcakes made by Jess and Dirty Granny cocktails were served up from the Mr Jenkins mobile bar, and were a major hit with guests!RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_01.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_07.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_06.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_05.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_04.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_03.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_02.jpgRC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_08.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_13.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_12.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_11.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_10.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_09.jpgRC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_14.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_19.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_18.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_17.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_16.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_15.jpgRC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_20.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_25.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_24.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_23.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_22.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_21.jpgRC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_26.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_37.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_30.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_29.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_28.jpg RC_Engagement_Jess-Nathan_27.jpg

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