Darren Wigley does photography and he does it well. In fact, he received his first camera when he was just 14 years of age and hasn’t stopped shooting since. He also knows a thing or 2 (or 10) about shooting weddings – see for yourself here. So, we asked Darren for a little advice on what couples should tell their photographer before the wedding, to ensure they get the most out of their big day:

1. First and foremost, the address.

Blog_MrWigleysTips_2014:11:17_02 2. How many peeps are in the bridal party.

Blog_MrWigleysTips_2014:11:17_03 3. The theme and décor. A much-overlooked part is giving your photographer enough time to capture all the amazing theming and details at your reception. The more lavish theming the more time they will need, so give them the low down on the styling details you have planned.

Blog_MrWigleysTips_2014:11:17_05 4. How far the ceremony is from the reception. Is it a skip, walk or are passports needed?

Blog_MrWigleysTips_2014:11:17_06 5. Any particular shot/s you would like on the day. Be it a twerking contest at the reception, doing cartwheels in a car park or having a food fight at McDonalds.

Blog_MrWigleysTips_2014:11:17_07 6. The time of day. This is super important for a photographer. Great light = great photos! Usually late afternoon is fantastic so think about scheduling your ceremony around this time of day

Blog_MrWigleysTips_2014:11:17_04 7. Discuss when and where you would like to take your couple shots. Think about doing photos before the ceremony, that way you can just hang out with the fam and guests after the ceremony instead of running away and doing photos.

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