There are so many fun ways that you can incorporate buffets into your celebrations. They can act as a means to feed the masses or as an entertaining way to give out party favours! If we’re honest, you can make almost anything into a buffet, but here are some of our fave ideas, with a few extra thoughts at the bottom. Take a look and get inspired to wow your guests at your next celebration with a fabulous bar, buffet or station!

Sweets Buffet

Basically you want to get a whole heap of your fave mini sweets and squeeze them onto one big table. We’ve got plenty of inspo on how to create a unique sweets buffet. Check out our 10 tips for styling a sweets buffet here or our colourful sweets buffet here. There is no better, or more enticing way to serve dessert!Blog_AcColourfulSweetsBuffet_2015:01:07_01 Photography Ducky Professional Photography | Buffet Memories are Sweet 

RC_Birthday_Alicias30thBirthday_02.jpg Photography  When Elephant Met Zebra | Buffet Perfectly Sweet

Lolly Buffet

The standard lolly buffet is so easy to create. Grab a ton of your fave lollies (ensuring they‘re cohesive with your colour palette, of course), stick them in glass jars, add some labels and voila your done! Okay maybe it’s not THAT easy, but if you follow our 10 styling tips it should be a breeze. This is an awesome way for guests to make their own.DIY Party Favours - Sydney StyleSesh-3 DIY Party Favours - Sydney StyleSesh-296 Photography Lauren Campbell | Buffet Style Party Love

Taco Bar 

This is such an easy way to feed your guests, plus it’s super simple to make up. Think corn chips, salsa en masse, jalapeños, chilli corn carne, pulled pork, sour cream, lime, cheese and guacamole…so much guacamole. Throw it in some bowls and you have yourself a Mexican feast that guests can serve up themselves.
RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-23.jpg RC-Showers-ABabyFiesta-25.jpg Photography + Buffet Thorson Photography

Ice Cream Buffet

For this buffet you’re either going to need a Sundae machine or a freezer within reach, but trust us when we say it’s totally worth it! Fill your buffet with all the goodies needed for the ultimate Sundae – chocolate fudge, flavoured toppings, strawberries, sprinkles, whipped cream, glazed cherries and nuts. YUM!

Blog_BuffetsBars_Stations_2015:02:26_01 Blog_BuffetsBars+Stations_02 Photography + Buffet Each Drink Chic

Floral Buffet

A floral buffet is a super sweet way to give out floral party favours! Head to your local flower market and purchase some bunches of fresh, seasonal blooms. Trim ¾ of the leaves off the bottom and cut the stems to your desired length, Then pop them in some buckets, slap down a stack of butchers paper, ribbon and twine, and allow guests to take home a posie of fresh blooms from your party. Best favour idea ever? We think so.

SS-Perth-Fox-Rabbit-02.jpgSS-Perth-Fox-Rabbit-11.jpg Photography  CJ Williams

Pancake/Waffle/Crepe Bar

This is particularly perfect if you want to hold your event at breakfast or brunch. Very popular for bridal showers or  birthday parties, a crepe, pancake or waffle bar can be either sweet, savoury or both! Serve mixed berries, maple syrup, chocolate sauce, lemon wedges, honey, icing sugar, banana, whipped cream and a selection of savoury crepe toppings.

Blog_BuffetsBars+Stations_03 Left via Bon Appetit | Right via Your Homebased Mom Blog_BuffetsBars+Stations_04 Left via Flickr | Right Via Green Wedding Shoes

Not satisfied? Here are a few more buffet ideas:

  • A Panini station – fresh bread rolls, deli meats, cheese and spreads
  • A donut/churros bar – donuts, dipping sauces, sprinkles, cinnamon mix and nuts
  • A popcorn bar – fresh plain popcorn, toppings (like butter and caramel) jars of seasoning and paper bags (to shake the popcorn and flavourings together)
  • A Milkshake bar – ice cream, flavourings, whipped cream, sprinkles, and coloured straws
  • A Bubbly bar – a selection of bubbles, pretty drink stirrers, strawberries, edible rose petals and cherries