When a party ends there are usually only 2 things leftover – food and photos. Photo booths are becoming a must have at every event nowadays. They’re an alternative and exciting way to produce fun photos and memories that will last long after your event has finished.

If you’re planning a party on a budget, hiring a professional photo booth might seem a little excessive. Luckily we’ve put together a list of tips on creating your own photo booth with minimal dosh! Now your guests to don’t have to miss out on the fun and you get photos that will last a lifetime.RC_Launch_HOORAY!Launch_22 Photography Butterfly Bones Photography | Photo booth In an Instant Photography

The Backdrop: A fun and colourful backdrop will make for fun and colourful photos! There are so many ways you can put together your own photo booth backdrop. It could be something as simple as a sheet of material pinned onto a wall or something super fun like a balloon or streamer installation! We found some really cool backdrop options a while back. You can check them out here.

Blog_FunPhotoboothIdeas_2015:01:21_03 Left Geometric Wall Installation via 100 Layer Cake |  Right No Sew Backdrop via A Practical Wedding

A Camera: You don’t need a professional camera for the photos; a polaroid camera will do the trick! Just remember to be stocked up on film depending on your numbers. You might also have a super awesome friend who can loan you their SLR camera and an even more awesome friend of a friend who is willing to donate their time to take photos for a couple of hours for a free ticket to the party, or a bit of cash.

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You could even promote the use of smart phones at the photo booth. Create a hash tag for your party and encourage people to upload their photos to Instagram and Facebook! They’ll have lots of fun and you can view all of the pics the very next day.

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Props: Here’s where things get really fun. The quirkier the props, the more creative your guests will get and the better your photos will be! Your props can be hats and accessories you have lying around the house or some seriously cheap costume jewellery (queue oversized sunglasses, beaded necklaces, feather boas, pinwheel hats, retro wigs, etc).

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You can also find free printables or projects online that are super useful and work as great DIY props. Search ‘photo booth props’ on Pinterest and you’re sure to find something you like! Here are some of our faves:

RC_Birthday_Sheens30th_04.jpg Photography When Elephant Met Zebra

Lighting: Lighting is super important for good photos, so make sure your photo booth is lit really well. Pop a couple of lamps in front of the photo booth and that should so the trick. Just make sure the light is directly facing the booth, rather than shining directly down upon it, or shining from the back, otherwise you’ll have lots of shadows and some pretty poor quality photos.

RC_Birthday_Alicias30thBirthday_25.jpg Photography When Elephant Met Zebra