Colourful by name and nature, Blushing Confetti creates bespoke wedding stationery, unique art prints, wooden stamps and paper delights to help you make your statement with style! Designed in Brisbane and born out of a love of DIY and paper addiction, their lovingly-crafted quality goods blend simple elegance with a quirky twist of cheekiness to make people ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’. The best part? They promise lots of confetti!

Creative Director Ellen Powell has been designing commercially for over 7 years, working in the UK with some of the top magazines in the world. ‘I knew I was on the right path, but it lacked the hands on approach with printing that I craved,’ says Ellen. ‘I think I knew I wanted to be a stationery designer when I was studying. I started out studying Advertising and Communications before heading to Visual Communication Design. I was experimenting with printing techniques in every assessment I could. I loved the beautiful art of foiling and the magic of paper, then my husband proposed! From that moment all the planning and creating every tiny little detail that comes with a wedding, I knew I couldn’t stop there. So Blushing Confetti was born!’

Known for bold but simple designs, Blushing Confetti are perfectionists, lovers of detail and firm believers in quality over quantity. ‘Stationery should make an impression. Whether it’s wedding stationery or a print on your wall, it should be a statement of your personal style. We like to push boundaries with unique materials and only produce bespoke or limited edition designs,’ says Ellen.

All of Blushing Confetti’s products are printed and crafted in Australia using only high quality materials. ‘We are self-confessed paper addicts. We don’t follow trends and believe your stationery is a reflection of your personal style. Most of all, we don’t take ourselves too seriously because what’s life without a bit of fun!’

To find out more about Blushing Confetti or to purchase their products, visit their website today! Blog_Lovemyshop_BlushingConfetti_01
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