Gastronomy is one of Sydney’s leading event caterers, creating beautiful, imaginative food for special events since 1998. For Gastronomy catering is not just amazing food, it is a combination of many factors that make sure each plate is at the right seat, at the right time and temperature. To shine a light on the secret stars of event catering we have profiled a selection of the 70 something people who make up Gastronomy’s catering team: Blog_Meeta_Gastronomy_01.jpg Creative Director: Marcus Longinotti

Marcus is responsible for the creative direction of the company, managing the event team and designing big, beautiful menus. He develops the ideas for food, menus, table top styling and the catering “wow” factor.

Describe your creative process? ‘Eating is not just a feast for the eyes but a feast for the senses too. I initially plan menus and events in the same way. First visually, then I collaborate with our chefs to bring my creative vision to life – whether they be inspired by a colour, shape or mood.’ Blog_Meeta_Gastronomy_02.jpg Event Coordinator: Marta Tabaka

Marta is the first and last point of contact for the client. She co-ordinates all the inputs (food, third party suppliers, hires the kitchen equipment, glassware, waitstaff, etc,) so even though there are 7 different departments working on an event, the client has one point of contact the whole way.

What is your most memorable moment? ‘My first major event with Gastronomy was a 400 person dinner with an entirely Buddhist menu. It was incredibly rewarding to see the weeks of menu preparations, creative trouble shooting and logistical planning come to fruition.’ Blog_Meeta_Gastronomy_03.jpg Executive Chef: Cyril Miletto

Cyril is a hands-on executive chef. Not only does he manage the kitchen and develop the menus, but he is often found front of the line on big events or mentoring young chefs behind the grill.

What do you love most about your job? ‘The thrill of big events. There is no room for mistakes in catering, you only get one shot. When you are cooking for 1,000 people everything has to run like clockwork and there is an amazing sense of satisfaction being able to produce great food on that scale.’ Blog_Meeta_Gastronomy_04.jpg Store Manager: Steve Mason

Steve manages and maintains all the equipment used on events. This includes furniture, kitchen equipment, tableware, styling pieces and more.

What are your go-to food styling props? ‘I have two huge Moroccan platters that are really beautiful, so much so that I have positioned them so they are on display as you walk up and down the storeroom stairs – like a piece of artwork in your home.’ Blog_Meeta_Gastronomy_06.jpg Staffing Coordinator: Sami Nauvi

Sami manages Gastronomy’s in-house team of waiters, supervisors, bartenders and baristas. She is responsible for organising rosters, recruitment and on-going training.

What does a typical day look like for you? ‘Constructing the roster is like playing Tetris, placing all the right pieces together to ensure staff are matched to the style, environment and requests of each venue. There is never a typical day in events but a good pair of shoes, a scooter and caffeine are all a part of the process.’ Blog_Meeta_Gastronomy_05.jpg For more information, or to book Gastronomy for your next event, visit their website here.