Sweets tables – everyone’s doing them! Have you got one planned for your party? They’re a fabulous focal point, a fun way to serve an array of desserts, and a total crowd pleaser! Below are 4 different ways to style the sweets buffet at your next celebration.

Colourful: To create an eye-catching, colourful buffet, you need to start with a good base. The below buffet was displayed on a stunning vintage dresser, but a simple wooden or white table can be just as effective. Draw colour into the through the sweets themselves, like vibrant macarons and brightly iced cupcakes, then use the same palette within your floral arrangements and party-wares for an extra pop! Blog-AcColourfulSweetsBuffet-20150107-23.jpgBlog-AcColourfulSweetsBuffet-20150107-32.jpg Photography Ducky Professional PhotographyStyling Memories are Sweet

Boho: When you think boho, you can’t help but picture of feathers, dream-catchers, lace, leather and beads galore. So, naturally, this is exactly what you should use to style your buffet. Dress the table in lace and adorn lolly jars with feathered dream-catchers and beaded leather straps (headbands work perfectly). Be sure to scatter bunches of blooms in soft pastel tones around the buffet as well.RC_Birthday_Amielles1stBirthday_01.jpgPhotographer Ducky Professional Photography | Styling Perfectly SweetRC_Birthday_MilaTurns1_05.jpgPhotography Renee Calder Design | Styling Balencia Lane 

Rustic: Use natural, organic material to create a rustic styled sweets table. Display cakes on slices of wood and upside-down wooden crates. Decorate the table with wild blooms and plenty of foliage to give it a ‘picked-straight-from-the-garden’ feel! A rustic buffet shouldn’t have much structure, so display your sweets in a haphazard manner.RC-Birthday-BringaBowTieParty-07.jpg RC-Birthday-BringaBowTieParty-01.jpgPhotography Katie Toland Photography | Styling Ivy & Oak Events

Tropical: It wouldn’t be a tropical buffet without lots of tropical fruit! Be sure to serve platters filled with vibrant summer fruits, along with whole fruits as styling props – pineapples are particularly effective! Blooms should be super bright and colourful to match the ‘island’ feel. Palm leaves also give off a very tropical vibe. Incorporate tropical patterns into the table through the linen or the backdrop for a more attention-grabbing buffet.RC_Birthday_Alicias30thBirthday_02.jpgRC_Birthday_Alicias30thBirthday_27.jpgPhotography  When Elephant Met Zebra | Styling Perfectly Sweet