Introducing Dear Diary Design, a unique and interactive textile, giftware and event accessories store. In a nutshell, they sell fun, keepsake cushions that you can write messages on! Owner Jazmine Bradley has always loved making and selling things and dreaming up business ideas, so she couldn’t wait to have a brand to call her own. Jazmine says she has a strong belief in documenting memories, displaying personalised items and creating physical keepsakes. After becoming heavily involved in scrapbooking and card making in her late teens, teaching workshops and encouraging friends to print their digital photos to create vision boards, it was only natural that she came up with the idea for Dear Diary Design.

Dear Diary Design was initially an extension of a project I completed at university, studying Textile Design at RMIT,’ said Jazmine. ‘After my launch in 2013 at Design:Made:Trade, my first ‘Scribble it’ cushion was so popular, that I decided to base my entire range around them and build a focus on creating personalised keepsakes and encouraging kids and adults to engage in a creative activity.’ Jazmine says the ‘Scribble it’ product range came from the need to create physical keepsakes in the new age world, the desire to personalise everything and the delight of sharing in a hands-on creative activity. ‘Nowadays, kids and adults use my products for all kinds of events and milestones in their lives and I often feel special knowing that Dear Diary Design will become a treasured piece in their home,’ said Jazmine.

‘I’ve had customers sign my cushions at retirement parties, school reunions, quilting club meet-ups, school graduation day, milestone birthdays, for overseas relatives, for a farewell gift, at engagements, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, at hens nights, corporate functions, unwell relatives in hospital and the list goes on!’ The Dear Diary Scribble it’s range is so versatile that you can use the products for just about anything. They also offer permanent and washable markers, depending on your needs! If you want to send someone a heartfelt, personal message, why not send it on a cute cushion?! For more information, or to view their range of products, visit the Dear Diary Design website.


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