‘5 years ago, we were sitting on a hill in Mount Tamborine where I told Matt for the first time I had fallen in love with him,’ said Courtney.

‘December last year, Matt wanted to test out a new SLR camera on the beautiful waterfalls up at Mount Tamborine…I was taken to the same hill overlooking the gully. I thought nothing of that moment 5 years ago, but Matt asked me to replicate a photo we did, which was sitting blowing on dandelions and making wishes about our future.

On my last blow to make a wish, Matt turned to me and said, “would this be the wish you just wished for?” There was a box and a question, of course I said yes!’

Matt and Courtney describe their engagement party as humble and homely. The styling contained subtle hints that reminded guests of their relationship, their house set the scene and their journey inspired the décor. There were lots of wooden elements, floral chandeliers, festoon lighting, handmade bunting, and cushions.

‘We wanted the decorations and style to make people feel at home,’ said Courtney. Given that the couple had recently renovated their house, but were yet to landscape, they gave guests the option to bring one of five plants they had chosen as a gift. Each guest was asked to etch a message onto a copper plant label that the couple has since kept and framed.

‘The next weekend we planted over 100 plants and our garden and house now reflects all the love from our friends and family,’ said the couple.

Planning a backyard celebration at home? Get inspired by Courtney and Matt’s engagement below.RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_01.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_06.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_05.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_04.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_03.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_02.jpgRC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_07.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_12.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_11.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_10.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_09.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_08.jpgRC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_13.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_18.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_17.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_16.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_15.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_14.jpgRC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_24.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_23.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_22.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_21.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_20.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_19.jpgRC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_25.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_30.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_29.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_28.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_27.jpg RC_Engagement_Courtney-Matt_26.jpg

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