Planning an outdoor wedding ceremony? If you have a great place in mind but you don’t have a spectacular view to recite your vows in front of, you might want to think about adding a ceremony backdrop or archway to your venue. Not only will it help to establish the focal point of your ceremony, but it’ll look pretty impressive too.

We’ve scoured through our real celebrations library to find some of the best outdoor ceremony backdrops in the business. From beaches and parks, to farms and backyards, our lineup of backdrops and archways covers all ceremony locations. We’ve also got something for almost every wedding style – classic, organic, rustic, tropical, colourful, boho, vintage – we’re almost certain you’ll find something you love, or at least you’ll leave super inspired.

Happy planning! Blog_OutdoorCeremonyBackdrops_2015:08:25_01 Rachel + Brian | Photography Tricia King
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