Floral arrangements can be so much more than just centerpieces in pretty vases. The new trend is to have your blooms hanging from high above the festivities, creating spectacular canopies in your event space. Hanging your centerpieces from the ceiling over dining tables allows your guests to talk to each other without interference of florals in their face. They’re also great if your venue is on the smaller side. If you don’t have much table or floor space for vases and troughs, using hanging arrangements means you can still create awe-inspiring features using blooms without taking up too much room.

There are many ways for you to hang your florals; on swings, frames, lanterns, driftwood or in small bottles. We’ve pulled together some examples to help inspire you to hang the blooms at your next party!Blog_Inspo_HangingFlorals_05 Left: via Green Wedding Shoes | Right: via Ceremony Blog
RC_Wedding_Jessica+Steven_26 Jessica + Steven’s Wedding | Photography by iStyle Photography  Blog_Inspo_HangingFlorals_01 Left: via Style Me Pretty | Right: via Ceremony Blog Blog_Inspo_HangingFlorals_07 Left: via Ruffled Blog | Right: via Ruffled Blog Blog_Inspo_HangingFlorals_06 Image via Georgeous Blog_Inspo_HangingFlorals_04 Left: via Style Me Pretty | Right: via Mod Wedding RC_Wedding_Ally+Simon_47 Ally + Simon’s Wedding | Photography by Justin Hill Photographer  Blog_Inspo_HangingFlorals_03 Left: via Style Me Pretty | Right: via Wedding Sparrow RC_Wedding_Jodie+Brendan_47 Jodie + Brendan’s Wedding | Photography by Callie Marshall, Florido Weddings