Wondering how to keep your blooms fresh for the duration of your celebration? We called on expert florist, Kelly of Bella Bloom Floral Designs to share some advice with us. Garden-fresh, fragrant florals can truly take your event to another level of spectacular. After investing time, energy and money in carefully selecting a beautiful arrangement of blooms, you want them to last for the length of your event—and then some! Follow the tips below to keep your blooms as fresh as a daisy (pun intended!).

1. Select a florist with fridge facilities

When meeting with your florist for the first time, ask if they have fridge facilities to keep your wedding florals fresh. This will be particularly important if you are getting married in the Summer months, where florals are more prone to wilting in the heat.Blog_Tips_HowToKeepFloralsFresh_01

2. Choose varieties wisely

The varieties you choose will be a super important consideration to ensure your bouquet stays fresh out of water for the duration of the event. For example, blooms like Dahlia’s, Queen Anne’s Lace, and early season Hydrangeas do not last well out of water, so these varieties might be best kept for the reception.Blog_Tips_HowToKeepFloralsFresh_08

3. Treat your florals with care

Many brides are looking for open or ‘blousy’ blooms (think: cottage roses), so florists will work with these roses several days beforehand to condition them and coax them to open at their peak. This means the bouquet will require extra special care on the day, especially if the roses are placed around the base of the bouquet. Ask your Bridesmaids to keep an eye on your bouquet to ensure any petals that are opening too far can be carefully removed.Blog_Tips_HowToKeepFloralsFresh_10

4. Store in a cool, dark spot

When your florist delivers your blooms to the location where you’re getting ready, ensure you have a cool, dark spot for your bouquets away from all the excitement.Blog_Tips_HowToKeepFloralsFresh_03

5. Keep them with a water source

If possible, keep your blooms with a water source until they are ready to be walked down the aisle, then be sure to dry the stems off carefully to ensure no water drips onto your gown. The Bella Bloom Floral Designs studio delivers bouquets in gift boxes designed to hold water. The gift box is ideal for when you get back to your hotel room at the end of the night, as your bouquet can be placed back into it.Blog_Tips_HowToKeepFloralsFresh_09

6. Use vases

If your florist is setting up reception arrangements, ask them to provide water-filled vases for your bouquets. When you arrive at the reception venue, place your bouquets in the vases to keep them fresh throughout the night. You could even re-purpose them to decorate the bridal table, cake or gift table too.Blog_Tips_HowToKeepFloralsFresh_12

7. Take care when photographing

If you plan on photographing bouquets before you walk down the aisle, ask the photographer to keep the bouquet in the box or place the bouquet carefully on tissue paper, so as not to squash the beautiful blooms.Blog_Tips_HowToKeepFloralsFresh_07

8. Keep them in the fridge

Wait until the last minute to place the boutonnière’s (buttonholes) on the groom, groomsmen and Father of the bride. If possible, leave them in the fridge until they are just about to head to the ceremony!Blog_Tips_HowToKeepFloralsFresh_04

9. Keep extras on hand

Consider asking your florist to supply an extra buttonhole for the groom, which can be placed on after the ceremony and before the formal photos. The groom is sure to receive loads of congratulatory hugs from all his loved ones, which may crush the petals. Best to be safe than sorry!Blog_Tips_HowToKeepFloralsFresh_05 Photos supplied by Bella Bloom Floral Designs.