There’s nothing more exciting than receiving a gift wrapped so exquisitely that you barely want to ruin the wrapping to uncover the gift inside. It builds anticipation and excitement for the present, plus it looks super pretty while sitting on the present table! Like the icing on a cake, or cherry on top of your ice cream; a good present deserves good wrapping paper. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet to pull together some of our fave gift wrapping examples. We hope these bright, fun and colourful gift wraps inspire you to let your creativity run wild and wrap up a treat! Blog_GiftWrapping_01 Via Tell and Love Party
Blog_GiftWrapping_02 Via Wolf and Willow Blog_GiftWrapping_03 Via Tell and Love Party Blog_GiftWrapping_04 via Sugar and Cloth Blog_GiftWrapping_05 Via Studio DIY Blog_GiftWrapping_06 Via Studio DIY Blog_GiftWrapping_07 Via BABA Souk Blog_GiftWrapping_08 via The House that Lars Built Blog_GiftWrapping_09 Via Sarah Hearts Blog_GiftWrapping_10 Via Lay Baby Lay