We’re huge fans of piñatas at parties! As long as your guests are up for some fun, they’re sure to be a hit (pun intended!). No matter the event, a piñata will make for bucket-loads of fun because, well—quite frankly, who doesn’t love a piñata? Birthday parties, children’s parties, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries—whatever the occasion, there is never a reason not have a piñata at your next do! They’re a fantastic way to add some excitement and decorate your party space. With so many different styles available, you’ll be sure to find a piñata to suit your theme.

We’ve collected some of our favourite piñatas for some inspiration, so you can get on the piñata bandwagon with us and ensure your guests have an absolutely smashing time! Blog_FunStuff_PinataInspo_01 Left: via Homey Oh My! | Right: via Glamour Weddings
Blog_FunStuff_PinataInspo_02 Left: via Minted | Right: via Prospect Goods Blog_FunStuff_PinataInspo_03 Left: via Studio DIY | Right: via A Subtle Revelry Blog_FunStuff_PinataInspo_04 Left: via MerMag | Right: via Oh Happy Day Blog_FunStuff_PinataInspo_05 Left: via Studio DIY | Right: via Studio DIY Blog_FunStuff_PinataInspo_06 Left: via 100 Layer Cakelet | Right: via Best Friends for Frosting Blog_FunStuff_PinataInspo_07 Left: via Studio Mucci | Right: via Oh Happy Day Blog_FunStuff_PinataInspo_08 Left: via Kitiya Palaskas | Right: via Oh Happy Day Blog_FunStuff_PinataInspo_11 Left: via Studio Mucci | Right: via Ban.do Blog_FunStuff_PinataInspo_10 Left: via Studio DIY | Right: via Studio DIY Blog_FunStuff_PinataInspo_09 Left: via Mamie Boude | Right: via Confetti System