A relaxed, boho inspired dinner party is the perfect way to enjoy good food with friends in a stress-free environment. The casual, but cheery atmosphere lends itself to a relaxed vibe that encourages your guests to kick back, unwind and enjoy spending time together. We’ve put together seven pieces of advice on how to throw an incredible relaxed boho dinner party. Read these tips, then try it out for yourself!

1. Opt for the floor

Ditch the chairs and use floor cushions and rugs instead. By removing the chairs, you also remove a layer of formality for your event—plus the floor cushions will bring an instant atmosphere of relaxation. They also create a great opportunity to add some colour and texture to your styling.Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_01
Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_04 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_20 2. Arrange an abundance of blooms

When it comes to florals, we say the more the merrier! Even at a relaxed dinner affair, you can never have too many blooms. The floral scent will bring a sense of calm and serenity to your dinner party.Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_31 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_36 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_23 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_03 3. Go overboard with colour

When aiming for the boho look, vibrancy is key. Look to a bright colour palette of warm colours for your tablescape styling and décor.Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_02 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_17 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_12 4. Invite your besties

What good is a dinner party without your nearest and dearest? Invite a bunch of your best friends to share the occasion with you. You provide the dinner, and they’ll provide the laughs!Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_30 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_18 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_34 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_32 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_13 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_33 5. Serve up some delicious food

A relaxed dinner party means you can go for casual dishes. We suggest fresh Turkish bread with an assortment of dips, along with antipasti goodies for guests to nibble on. For the mains, serve meals that guests can serve themselves from serving platters—or if you’re daring enough, from straight out of the pot!Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_07 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_11 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_06 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_09 6. Don’t forget the drinks

A key element to any dinner party—the drinks of course! Ask your guests to bring along their fave beverage to sip on.Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_15 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_16 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_08 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_28 7. Relax and enjoy!

Eat, drink and be merry! Enjoy sharing these moments with your friends over delicious food and drinks. Don’t stress about cleaning up until the night is done!Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_35 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_24 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_05 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_21 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_29 Blog_Tips_HowtoThrowaRelaxedBohoDinnerParty_10 Photography Andrea DiCenzo | Styling Renee Douros | Florals Lady Larissa