No matter what time of year it is, a party isn’t a party without some fancy food. This recipe from Random Acts of Pastel + Kitten and the Bear makes for some seriously sensational scones.

Created with handmade cheese from Salt Spring Island, festive Pear & Mulled Wine jam and mini scones from Kitten and The Bear’s shop, and topped with rosemary and rose petals, these bite-sized beauties are truly a show stopper at holiday parties.Blog_DIY_Cook_SconeCanapes_10 Blog_DIY_Cook_SconeCanapes_13 Blog_DIY_Cook_SconeCanapes_12


Kitten and the Bear Ready to Bake mini Buttermilk Scones (available at the Kitten and The Bear cafe) | White Juliette Goat cheese from Salt Spring Island Cheese Company | Kitten and the Bear Pear and Mulled Wine Jam | Fresh Rosemary | Fresh baby rose petals


  1. Bake your frozen mini scones using the recipe on the package.
  2. When they’ve cooled fully, cut each mini scone in half, then lay them flat on a serving platter and add a small piece of cheese to each side.
  3. Top with a generous dollop of jam, a sprig of rosemary and fresh rose petals. 


Serve up a tray of these beauties at your next morning tea—we just know your guests will love them!