If the lights on the Christmas tree just aren’t cutting it, here’s how to add some more glow to the shelf. This adorable Christmas diorama from the wonderful Melanie of You Are My Fave is the perfect way to add some sparkle to your festive décor.

Here’s how to make one for yourself.Blog_Christmas_IlluminatedDiorama_01


Sturdy paper box (bonus if it’s cute inside) | Small block of styrofoam | Spray adhesive | Fake snow | Mini trees | Hot glue | Wire lights (you can find these at several retailers or on Amazon)


  1. Cut a small hole in the back of your box for the lights to fit through.
  2. Measure and trim styrofoam to fit the inside of the box, about 1/3 of the height.
  3. Spray any area you want snow covered with spray adhesive and add snow. This may take a few different layers and makes a bit of a mess. Let dry.
  4. Adhere trees onto the box and styrofoam with hot glue.
  5. Stick lights through the hole in the back of the box and coil around to fill the background of the box. Plug-in and watch it glow.


You can easily create your own take on the wintery scene by adding little woodland creatures or skiers. Check the miniatures or cupcake topper section at the craft store for accessories—cute!