Sisters and videographers, Vanessa and Stephanie of Engaging Productions have a passion for capturing those special moments between a couple on the most exciting day of their lives. After filming and photographing weddings in Canberra for over five years, this pair certainly know their craft. We caught up with videographer Stephanie to learn more about her work with Engaging Productions. Read on!Blog_Meeta_Videographer_EngagingProductions_021. Tell us a little about yourself

I am a dreamer who has many creative interests including interior design and event styling. Making films is my passion in life though—it is more than a job for me, it is my calling.Blog_Meeta_Videographer_EngagingProductions_04

2. How did you get into videography?

In high school I took a multimedia class where I got to direct my own film and edit it with a group of class mates and my love of it grew from there. I went on to take as many media classes in college as I could, in order to build a portfolio to use to get into University to do further study. I have a Bachelor of Arts (New Media Arts) and started the business in my first year out of uni after deciding corporate television and film wasn’t for me.Blog_Meeta_Videographer_EngagingProductions_06

3. Describe your aesthetic

Simple, bright and honest. I like the raw moments you capture with wedding videos, and I try to let things unfold as they happen naturally.Blog_Meeta_Videographer_EngagingProductions_07

4. What does a typical day look like?

Being a working mum, days blur into nights with work and home life but I always try to ensure I spend quality time with my daughter everyday whether that’s taking a walk, making dinner together or reading a book at bedtime. No day is ever the same though with a one-year-old and working from home. I think I am quite lucky to get to work on projects that I love and enjoy doing everyday and call it a job!Blog_Meeta_Videographer_EngagingProductions_08

5. What is your most memorable project?

Every project is memorable in different ways but I would have to say working on my daughter’s newborn video was the most memorable to me, watching it is like seeing a piece of my heart on screen.Blog_Meeta_Videographer_EngagingProductions_10

6. What is your favourite aspect of your job?

Working with amazing people and learning something new everyday.Blog_Meeta_Videographer_EngagingProductions_09

7. What video trends should we know about?

Lighting effects and speed altering are always some of our favourites. Video trends are always changing, I try to stay away from too many changing trends though and keep things consistent and simple.

8. I am happiest when…

I am watching a movie with my favourite people and eating my favourite snacks.Blog_Meeta_Videographer_EngagingProductions_05

Images supplied by Engaging Productions.