This one’s for the free-spirits who walk by the beat of their own drum. The wild romantics. The modern bohemians.

Created by some of the most talented vendors in the Canberra region, this styled shoot is abundant with inspiration for untamed lovers.

Dusty earthen tones meet swathes of textures, combining to mesmerising effect. Dreamed up by the ever-talented WILUNA Flower Studio and Event Concept Space, it features an array of textural botanical delights – from fluffy dried grasses to delicate blousy blooms, styled into the most awe-inspiring artistic masterpieces.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll find yourself absorbed in each and every frame by Jenny Wu Photography.

Scroll on to discover the magic that is ‘Wiluna Bride’.Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_01Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_02 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_03Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_04Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_06 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_05Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_07Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_08 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_09Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_11Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_12 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_13Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_14 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_15Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_16 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_19 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_18Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_17Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_20Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_22 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_23Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_24 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_25Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_21Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_26 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_27Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_29 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_28Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_30 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_310L7A1449Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_33 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_32Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_34Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_36 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_370L7A1487 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_39 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_40Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_41Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_42 Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_43Wiluna_Bride_Hooray-Mag_44


Flower Styling and Concept: WILUNA Flower Studio and Event Concept Space | Photography: Jenny Wu | Venues: WILUNA Flower Studio and Event Concept Space + Naked Cubby Co. | MUA: Jess Peris | Hair: Kate Lily | Brows: The Lab. | Model: Lin Lin | Assistant: Jeremy Martin | Hat: Lack of Colour | Ribbons: The Paper Botanist | Bridal Growns: White Meadow (She Rules the Sky two piece set and Veil) + Mrs Fray (Karen Willis Holmes Karina Dress) | Photobooth: Photo Booth for Keeps