This Beatles inspired birthday party might just be the cutest, most original kids’ party theme we’ve seen. Filled with music, colour and lots of dancing, this fourth birthday celebration sure looks like it was loads of fun!

Dotty’s parents, Adam and Alicia, are the creative duo behind Bows and Arrows Flowers, so it’s no surprise that the fresh floral at the event were absolutely gorgeous.

A highlight of the event was the young Beatles tribute band called ‘Run for Your Life’, who covered all the Beatles’ best hits and got all the little ones dancing along to the tunes. Dotty even had her moment at centre stage with the band, singing along and having loads of fun entertaining her party guests!

Take a look at the pictures of Dotty’s special day below!RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_37 RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_06 RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_01 RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_76 RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_55RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_04 RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_66 RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_84RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_42 RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_52 RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_15RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_57 RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_50 RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_10RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_78 RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_80RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_73RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_62 RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_59RC_Birthdays_Dottys4thBirthday_49

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