If these popsicles don’t say ‘summer’, we don’t know what does. With watermelon and rockmelon (or cantaloupe for our northern friends!) flavours, these fruity treats are sure to be a popular choice for your next summery soiree.

This recipe is super easy, as well as being super delicious. Courtesy of Angie, the lovely lady behind blog Little Inspiration, this recipe is sure to delight. Taking inspiration from Aguas Frescas of Mexico, Angie created this recipe for these fabulously fruity popsicles, which make for the perfect summer treat.

Why not make a batch for your next backyard barbeque, sunny pool party or afternoon gathering?


2 – 3 cups of large pieces of seedless watermelon and rockmelon (cantaloupe) | 2/3 cup of water | Popsicle mold and popsicles sticks | Optional: Pure cane sugar or your favourite natural sweetener if necessary.


  1. In a blender, add pieces of watermelon or rockmelon and water.
  2. If your fruit is not sweet enough, add a few teaspoons of sugar to give it a sweeter taste. Blend well.
  3. Using a food mesh on top of a large container, add the watermelon or cantaloupe puree mix to the mesh. Stir until all juice is strained.
  4. Add the juice to the popsicle molds and freeze.


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