Easter – ‘tis the season of chocolate (of course!). And what better way to finish off your Easter lunch, than with a decadent chocolate platter? You hadn’t thought of that, had you?

In this post, our good friends at Dan the Man show us how to put together a cracking chocolate platter to complement your Easter feast. To put together a  chocolate platter, all you need is strong wrist for breaking the chocolate and some mountain building skills – easy, right?Blog_EasterBoard_2015:03:25_01

The Chocolate

There’s no short supply of beautiful local artisanal chocolate brands to choose from like Bahen & Co, Daintree Estates, Zokoko etc. Or if you want something reasonably priced but still good quality, The Nut Shop has a great selection. Blog_EasterBoard_2015:03:25_02 Whatever choc rocks your socks, it’s always good to start with a statement chocolate piece (we like a callebaut white block) and build around it.

Get some chocolate bars that you break up and scatter around the board and have some chocolate balls at hand, like choc-coated almonds or choc-coated coffee beans, to fill in the gaps amongst the choc mountains. Blog_EasterBoard_2015:03:25_03

Add some fun!

We love adding in chunks of whole seasonal fruit for some freshness, like grapes, and things like nougat for a bit of chew. You could also add in some caramels, your own baked treats like choc brownies, or introduce some colour with choc-coated strawberries. Blog_EasterBoard_2015:03:25_04 To keep it looking good, stick to about seven items max and don’t overwhelm with too much colour. Also limit your items to area chunks. Give it place and purpose, and be inspired by occasions, for example, for Easter, we’re adding colourful Easter eggs to our boards!Blog_EasterBoard_2015:03:25_05 Photography by Vicki Lauren Photography