Want to decorate a store-bought cake?

You can call it lazy, but there are some occasions where the temptation and convenience of buying a store bought cake are impossible to resist.  We don’t judge! In fact, we encourage you to give it a go next time you feel like saving some time in the kitchen.

One of the best parts about skipping the baking is that you get to go straight to decorating. There are plenty of ways to dress up a store-bought cake, and we’ve put together our top five.

Without further adieu, check out five ways to master the art of cake decorating!

1. Add a cake topper

A cake topper is quite possibly the easiest way to dress up a cake, and they look so fabulous! You can pick up your favourite cake topper from a store or get creative and make one yourself. If it’s a birthday cake, it can be as simple as the age in numbers or a mini balloon!Blog_Tips_HowToDecorateaStoreBoughtCake_01.jpgLeft: via Oh Happy Day! | Right: via HOORAY!

2. Add florals

Perfect for a girly celebration such as a baby or bridal shower, flowers make any cake pretty! There are some rules for using fresh flowers to decorate cakes though, so make sure you’ve done your research beforehand. If you’re unsure, just check with your florist when you’re buying them.Blog_Tips_HowToDecorateaStoreBoughtCake_05.jpgLeft: via One Fab Day | Right: via Style Me Pretty

3. Get creative with icing

f you’ve picked up a plain sponge cake, one of the easiest ways to decorate it is to get icing. You can opt for a simple plain icing or try your hand at more complex methods such as ombré and fondant flowers.Blog_Tips_HowToDecorateaStoreBoughtCake_03.jpgLeft: via Style Sweet CA | Right: via The Food Club

4. Add fruit

Fruit can make even the most unappealing of cakes look delicious, it’s just a fact. Ideal for a more grown-up celebration, you can add fruit to the top of the cake as it is or add some cream first for extra tastiness.Blog_Tips_HowToDecorateaStoreBoughtCake_04.jpgLeft: via The Artful Desperado | Right: via Sortrature

5. Add sprinkles

If plain icing just isn’t doing it for you, while the icing is still wet pop some sprinkles on! If you’re celebrating a birthday, you can use a number stencil on top of the cake and write in sprinkles.Blog_Tips_HowToDecorateaStoreBoughtCake_02.jpgLeft: via Sweetapolita | Right: via The Celebration Society