Sarah from Style Party Love is yet to meet a Mum who doesn’t love a good cup of tea, especially if someone else makes it for her.

‘Surely a gorgeous tea-cup set, cupcake and flowers is a safe bet to make her smile this Mother’s Day. The lovely ladies from Style Party Love have put together some easy Mother’s Day styling using gorgeous blooms and a free downloadable printable from 2 Love Birds to help your make Mum feel super loved this Sunday,’ said Sarah.

If you’ve got the time, you can make custom tea bags using leaves you know your mum adores. But, if you’re time-poor, we wholeheartedly encouraged to cheat. Just use pre-made tea bags and replace the tag with a much cuter version on the printable (no one needs to know).

We opted to print the free template from 2 Love Birds (find it here) on brown kraft card stock to team a natural look with the floral tea cup set and laser cut cupcake box. The hero of the look is obviously the floral Mum sign. It’s so much easier to achieve than what you might think.DIY_Make_MothersDayGiftPack_01.jpg DIY_Make_MothersDayGiftPack_07.jpg DIY_Make_MothersDayGiftPack_06.jpg DIY_Make_MothersDayGiftPack_05.jpg DIY_Make_MothersDayGiftPack_04.jpg DIY_Make_MothersDayGiftPack_03.jpg DIY_Make_MothersDayGiftPack_02.jpg


White foam board (you can find these at any Officeworks) | Pearl head pins or tacs | Pencil | Fresh blooms (2-3 different variations and sizes work wonderfully together)


  1. Using the pencil, lightly write the word on the board as a guide before pinning. Bear in mind that you need to leave enough room between the letters, as the flowers do take up quite a bit of space once you start pinning.
  2. Next, cut the flowers off the stems. You need to cut them as close to the head as possible so it sits nice and flat to the board. If the bloom has a large centre, you can slide the pin straight through middle. If it’s a smaller bud, stick the pin through the underside of the flower so that it will be largely hidden from view.
  3. Pin alternating flowers in different sizes and styles to the board, using the pencil as a guide. Ensure you pin flowers very close to one another to avoid any gaps.
  4. Keep pinning until the word is completely full.


Take a step back and use the smaller heads to fill any spaces leftover.


This board can be dried and beautifully preserved if you opt for flowers that can be dried.

Photography + Project Style Party Love | Printable 2 Love Birds