Stuck for inspiration for this year’s Mother’s Day? Worried that you’ve nothing in mind as the day approaches? Here are five ways to put you in the clear this Sunday. These ideas are so special, they’re sure to make your Mum feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

1. Make her a gift pack

Put together a bunch of her favourite bits and pieces in a special ‘Mother’s Day gift pack’. Include things like a nice selection of teas, bathroom products and treats she might not usually buy for herself. We’ve got a bunch of tips on putting together a DIY gift pack—click here to check it out!Blog_Tips_Cook_WaystoTreatMumonMothersDay_02

2. Be generous with your time

Take the load off your Mum’s feet by offering to take over chores, like cleaning, cooking, washing, gardening and chauffeuring. Options include cooking her a lovely meal (her favourite of course), vacuuming and ironing, or anything else that will change her day!Blog_Tips_Cook_WaystoTreatMumonMothersDay_04

3. Cook her a delicious meal or sweet treat

We mentioned the special meal above, but what about cooking something that you’ve never made before, and she’s probably never eaten before? You might like to try cooking a Flowerfetti Cake or a homemade batch of fluffy marshmallows. You’ll find loads of options in our HOORAY! cooking library.Blog_Tips_Cook_WaystoTreatMumonMothersDay_01

4. Offer a personalised gift

Nothing says, ‘I’ve thought about this’ more than a gift that specifically pinpoints her. We’re talking about the print boasting a splendid photograph of a wonderful holiday or smiling grandchild, or perhaps the cushion or mug or diary complete with family memories. This isn’t a gift that can be thrown together at the last minute; it needs careful preparation from a company such as PhotoBox to put it all together into the perfect package!Blog_Tips_Cook_WaystoTreatMumonMothersDay_03

5. Take her out for breakfast

If you ask us, there’s no better way to start the day! Check out a new café in your local area or take her to a tried and tested favourite (your shout, of course!). Your mum will love dining with you and chatting over a cup of coffee. For extra brownie points, bring a fresh bunch of blooms!Blog_Tips_Cook_WaystoTreatMumonMothersDay_05