We’re no strangers to cake’s smaller, cheeky little cousin, the doughnut. While there’s always a place for the old classic cinnamon, the humble doughnut is now available in almost every flavour imaginable! To the creative cook, the doughnut is a canvas full of limitless possibilities. Who says you can’t put rainbows, flowers or even bacon on your doughnuts? There are no rules!

We’ve rounded up (pun intended) a delectable selection of some of the quirkiest doughnuts we could find for you to serve at your next party. Get inspired, get hungry and start baking! Blog_DoughnutInspo_05 Left: Maple Bacon Doughnuts via Broma Bakery | Right: S’mores doughnuts via The Merrythought
Blog_DoughnutInspo_01 Left: Macaron Sprinkle dougnuts via Paper & Stitch | Right: Mini heart doughnuts via Crazy Style Love Blog_DoughnutInspo_04 Left: Lemon Poppyseed doughnuts via Broma Bakery | Right: Red Velvet Doughnuts via Homemade Hooplah Blog_DoughnutInspo_03 Left: Pistachio Pudding doughnuts via Well Plated | Right: Persian Love Doughnuts via Daily Dream Decor Blog_DoughnutInspo_06 Left: Mini Vanilla Bean doughnuts via Best Friends for Frosting | Right: Blueberry Baked Doughnuts via Blahnik Baker  Blog_DoughnutInspo_02 Left: Ombre Doughnuts via Paper & Stitch | Right: Rainbow Doughnuts via The First Year Blog Blog_DoughnutInspo_07 Left: Ombre Doughnuts via Broma Bakery | Right: Rainbow Doughnuts via Studio DIY