This DIY project is two things – really easy and really amazing. Create a unique display for your next celebration using fresh blooms!DIY_Make_Floral-letters_09

What you’ll need

3D paper mâché letters of your choice; found at all good craft and haberdashery stores | Stanley knife | Craft scissors | Waterproof tape | Floral foam | Fresh flowers of your choice | Spray paint in a colour(s) of your choice | Cold glue | Tip: Flowers with strong stems are going to be easier to place into the foam, so keep this in mind when buying your blooms.DIY_Make_Floral-letters_02

What to do

1. Remove one of the front-facing sides from each letter, making sure you keep all other sides nicely intact. Tip: If you cut the face off the letter so it stays in one piece, you can use it as a template for cutting the floral foam in Step 5.

2. Spray paint the outer sides and back of the letters in a bright hue that either matches the colour palette of the florals or the theme of your party.

3. Line the hollow letters with waterproof tape, including all the sides and edges, leaving no gaps, so the inside is watertight.

4. Fill a clean sink with lukewarm water. Submerge the floral foam blocks in the water and wait for them to sink to the bottom. Once fully submerged, wait a few minutes and then remove them.

5. After the blocks have been soaked, use your Stanley knife to trim the pieces to fit inside the letters (here is where the faces of the letters come in handy). Be careful when handling the foam – it’s very delicate.

6. Once the floral foam letters are dry you can start gently placing them inside each hollow letter. Use your cold glue to hold the foam in place if you are planning to display them standing upright.Tip: Make sure you let the glue set for about an hour before standing your letters upright.

And then

Now the fun begins! Cut the stems of the flowers so they’re 2cm in length. Using your fresh blooms, decorate the letters by placing the stem directly into the moistened floral foam. Make sure you completely cover the foam so it can’t be seen. Experiment with colour combinations and floral styling!DIY_Make_Floral-letters_05DIY_Make_Floral-letters_08 DIY_Make_Floral-letters_07


Photography: And a Day | Styling: Ashdown & Bee | Flowers: Kindred Floral