Florals and food are undeniably two of our favourite things. That’s why we’re super excited about the combination of our two loves in the form of edible flowers. We’re loving the bucket-loads of creative ways you can use delectable blooms on cakes, in popsicles, in ice cubes and as drink garnishes. Even salads can be taken to a whole new level of beautiful with the help of some vibrant petals. Viola, rose, daisy, marigold, lilac, pansy and lavender are all varieties that not only look pretty but can be eaten too. Just remember to clean the petals and remove the stamen so that your blooms taste as fabulous as they look. We’ve pulled together seven ways to use edible flowers at your next soiree.

1. Drink garnishes

Keep edible flowers on hand to add an elegant touch to the refreshments at your next event. Your guests will love them!Blog_EdibleFlowers_04

Left: via Sugar and Cloth | Right: via Design Love Fest 

2. Popsicles

Fill popsicle molds with lemonade or soft drink, add flowers, freeze and voila! The perfect treat for a hot day.Blog_EdibleFlowers_02 Left: via Ruffled Blog | Right: via Linda Lomelino

3. Cakes

Use petite, bright, beautiful edible flowers to transform a plain cake into flowery fabulousness.Blog_EdibleFlowers_01 Left: via The School of Styling | Right: via Design Love Fest 

4. Doughnuts

Add fresh petals instead of sprinkles for an extra dose of prettiness on these delicious morsels.Blog_EdibleFlowers_03 Left: via Studio DIY | Right: via The Merry Thought

5. Chocolate bark

Edible flowers and chocolate make for a super sweet combination! We recommend adding them to your next batch of chocolate bark.Blog_EdibleFlowers_06 Left: via Pure Ella | Right: via Paper & Stitch

6. Salad

Sprinkle some edible flowers into your salad—they’ll add dimension to the taste and a fun splash of colour!Blog_EdibleFlowers_05 Left: via Adventures in Cooking | Right: via Jordan Kahn on Flickr

7. Ice cubes

Ice cubes don’t have to be boring. Adding florals will not only look beautiful, but they’ll also add a fresh flowery taste to your refreshments.Blog_EdibleFlowers_07 Left: via Linda Lomelino | Right: via Posh Little Designs